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Our reporters empty their notebooks to round up a week in gossip from across the automotive industry

In this week’s roundup of automotive gossip, we find out why Ferrari’s design team describe themselves as a jazz band, what Fisker thinks the main problem its Ocean EV will have over here is and more. But first, will BMW’s XM concept be called the X8 in production? Spoiler alert: no, it won’t.

Why the BMW XM won’t be called the X8

99 Bmw xm 0

The new BMW Concept XM previews a performance SUV that will sit above the X7 and adopt a more rakish roofline, so you would think it would be called the X8 in production, right? “No. That would be wrong,” BMW M boss Frank van Meel told Autocar. “It is XM. It is X and it is M.” That’s that cleared up, then. 

Ferrari gets jazzy

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Ferrari designer Flavio Manzoni said one of the company’s strongest assets is that its top brass can “share intuition” when it’s creating new cars. He described the harmonious relationship he has with the chief technology officer and commercial directors: “It’s like a jazz band. Especially Michael [Leiters], Enrico [Galliera] and I. We’re really playing together, sharing ideas and respecting the parameters of each one. And it works so well. It’s real teamwork.” 

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The curious case of Fisker vs the English weather

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The new Fisker Ocean EV has a full-length solar panel in its roof that can add up to 1500 miles of range per year in ideal conditions – but “maybe not in England”, Fisker acknowledged. We will find out for ourselves how it copes with our grey skies when it arrives in the second quarter of 2023.

WayRay’s vision for a blend of gaming and motorsport

95 Wayray

WayRay’s radical new Holograktor concept uses holographic technology that could herald a new era for motorsport fans. CEO Vitaly Ponomarev said: “We imagine there will be a new type of racing in the future that will involve not only the skills of the driver to operate the car but also the skills of the driver as a gamer.” He would be “happy to provide” tech for augmented reality racing games, he added.

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TStag 14 December 2021
So BMW are going to use the Citroen XM name then. Hmmm hope Citroen are OK with that
Andrew1 14 December 2021
What's so curious about that? You didn't notice the sky is overcast most of the time?