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New one-off Zagato, destined for a European customer, completes the Aston Martin-Zagato centennial trilogy

Italian coachbuilder Zagato Atelier has unveiled its latest project, the Aston Martin Virage Shooting Brake Zagato.

The bespoke project, commissioned by a European client, is designed to "pay homage to Zagato’s artistic, Italian coachbuilding tradition on the canvas of a shooting brake body shape".

Zagato's shooting brake was revealed at the Chantilly Arts & Elegance Concours D'Elegance. The one-off Aston Martin is said to feature "cutting-edge" styling cues that "create surprise and fascination with a new shape."

Aston Martin and Zagato have collaborated since 1960. The first Zagato Aston, the DB4 GT Zagato, was launched at the London motor show in October 1960; other cars produced since then include the Vantage-based V12 Zagato.

The reveal of the the new shooting brake marks the completion of the Aston Martin-Zagato centennial trilogy. In 2013 the DBS coupé Zagato Centennial and DB9 Spider Zagato Centennial were launched, commemorating the 100th anniversary of Aston Martin.

This year Zagato celebrate 95 years of continual activity, three generations of Zagato family ownership and a host of dramatic and innovative designs. The company has also recently launched the Lamborghini 5-95 Zagato.

Coachbuilding companies and coachbuilt cars have seen somewhat of a revival recently, thanks to the increasing demand for more exclusive and heavily customised cars.

So significant is the interest that even major manufacturers, such as Bentley, are considering launching special divisions to meet the demand.

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The Aston Martin Virage is a very good car, but it could have been a great one

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voyager12 1 November 2014

Interesting new design direction...

Let's face it: the present styling that has been underway for more than two decades (since the DB7) gets a bit stale. Doesn't help to put the cluttered aero stuff I noticed on the DB9. Aston needs something more drastic, considering the difficulties it experiences. Zagato's concept may help in this respect.
Peter Cavellini 11 September 2014

Well to be honest......!

If you have the cash,if you can get it built your way,then why not?,it isn't ugly as some have said,the person has taste,and to coin an old saying.......there money,there choice.
ahaus 11 September 2014

an Aston shooting brake could be gorgeous...

but not this one.
The rear end is all wrong and doesn't have any AM cues.
I was expecting a more upright rear backlight/hatch like a true shooting brake. The Ferrari FF did it right.
I am disappointed.