Currently reading: Exclusive 'Mythos' Mercedes-AMG SL Speedster coming soon
New range of models will go a step beyond Manufaktur programme with greater scope for personalisation

AMG plans to launch a new speedster variant of its seventh-generation SL as part of a series of limited volume Mythos models, according to Mercedes-Benz insiders.

The secret open-top car is planned to be shown to selected customers in an event planned to take place at Mercedes' Centre of Excellence in Sindelfingen, Germany, between 6 and 8 June prior to being taken public later this year and deliveries starting in 2025.

Invitations to the preview event describe the SL speedster as an “open vehicle concept with an extremely low silhouette, without a roof or windscreen, and featuring a motorsport halo roll protection system and requiring the use of a helmet for a high-speed driving experience”.

An earlier teaser photo of the two-seater revealed that it receives altered body styling with prominent domes behind each of the front seats.

The space reserved for the rear seat on standard versions of the SL is expected to be used to accommodate the rollover protection measures.

Technical details of the new AMG are yet to be revealed, but Autocar has been told the limited-volume SL is based on the SL 63 4Matic+ with a 577bhp twin-turbocharged V8 petrol engine and a fully variable four-wheel drive system.

First hinted to by Mercedes chairman Ola Källenius at the company’s annual general meeting in 2022, the Mythos series is planned to include a series of limited-volume Benz, AMG and Maybach models.

Together with the SL speedster, Mercedes-AMG is known to be working on a SL Maybach, a photo of which was uploaded to Instagram by Mercedes design boss Gorden Wagener in 2022.

The photo showed a two-tone SL altered with a Maybach-inspired grille featuring vertical chrome elements and a hood with Maybach logos.

The limited volume Mythos cars are planned to go one step beyond Mercedes' Manufaktur programme with even greater scope for vehicle personalisation.

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jason_recliner 22 May 2024

This is going to be magnificent!

Peter Cavellini 17 May 2024

There will always be buyers for cars like these, won't ever afford one, but I don't care, I'll be happy with and older car that has what I want, previous owners took the depreciation hit,and most of the problems fixed or future proved.

beechie 19 May 2022
Stutgart's answer to the much-heralded 'cost of living crisis'?

I think they're on the right lines, actually. It won't be as bad as the left-wing dominated media would have us believe. I remember the 1970s and they weren't as bad as the wet-behind-the-ears commentators (who don't remember them) would have us believe.