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Enzo-based supercar hasn't received a power hike but is a substantial 226kg lighter

Dismantling a Ferrari Enzo and spending £2.1 million on building your own car around the mechanical bits is not something most normal people dream of doing. But that’s exactly what Italian design house Pininfarina did for millionaire American car collector James Glickenhaus to create this extraordinary one-off Ferrari special.

The P4/5 is a fully functional, road-legal supercar with an all-carbonfibre body, designed with the help of a wind tunnel. Glickenhaus was closely involved with the design and build of the vehicle. He wanted a car to recall the classic Ferrari P3/4 race car, but that was usable.

Pininfarina got hold of the final new, unregistered Enzo for the project, and built a new body for it. The drivetrain and suspension have been left untouched. “I wanted to use an Enzo because I wanted it to be road legal,” said Glickenhaus. The interior is also all-new, with the fabric chosen by Glickenhaus’s daughter.

Although the car hasn’t been performance tested, Glickenhaus said that it seems faster than an Enzo. It is estimated to hit 60mph in just 3.55sec, thanks to a 226kg cut in kerbweight and reduced drag. The top-exit exhausts improve airflow by streamlining the exhaust gases, and it is said to feel “very stable” at 170mph.

The P4/5 will be on display at this month’s Pebble Beach Concours in California, followed by the Paris motor show in September.

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