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AMG-fettled EQA is tipped to lead Merc’s potent EV onslaught

Mercedes-Benz's two main sub-brands will converge in future, with plans to offer fully fledged AMG versions of EQ models across the electric division’s range, according to the firm’s COO and R&D boss, Markus Schäfer.

Speaking to journalists after the unveiling of the new EQA, Schäfer confirmed that “an electrical platform in the direction of AMG is coming”. Although no specific platform details were given, he followed up the statement by saying: “There will be performance variants of the EQA, B, S, E.”

Dates for these models have not yet been announced, but expect to see an AMG-tuned EQA first, given it’s the first of the listed models to be unveiled.

The others include a seven-seat GLB-based EQB, the EQS luxury saloon and SUV, and the EQE executive saloon and SUV. The larger models are likely to be offered with power outputs in excess of 600bhp in AMG form to compete with EV equivalents from rivals. Four-wheel drive is all but certain for these models, with a motor on each axle also offering advanced torque vectoring function.

A move to offer AMG-tuned EQ models seems a natural progression, given rivals’ activities. As well as Tesla’s well-established Performance variants, Audi will offer its E-tron GT electric saloon with an RS version from launch and BMW will announce an M-tuned i4 later this year.


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eseaton 9 February 2021

I've driven a CLS 63 for the last 14 years.  

I would rather ride a donkey than drive one of these.

275not599 9 February 2021
What a recipe: take an ugly, heavy SUV, make it much heavier with batteries, slap on 21" wheels, rubber band tires and firmer suspension. Great in a straight line if you like to slam the dog and groceries against the tailgate, but a pain in the neck the rest of the time. But people, well, men, keep buying these naked emperors!
Hiram Fletcher 9 February 2021

Everywhere you look now there are SUV s, MPV s, 4 x 4 s. Every one of these with the exception of the Jaguar & Lambo is ugly. This Merc is well ugly and will probably be really expensive like most EV s. The worst looking one i ever saw ( its apparently a great car ) is the Volvo XC. The styling is the thing thats putting me off getting one --- seriously.