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Audi's best-selling car gears up for a third generation with a bold new look and an evolved platform

The all-new Audi SQ5 – Ingolstadt's answer to the BMW X3 M40i – is swiftly approaching a launch in 2024 as the sportiest variant of the totally overhauled Q5 range. 

The third-generation version of Audi’s best-selling global model, the Q5, will also be one of the German car maker’s final ICE cars. Before the German firm starts releasing only EVs from 2026, it will launch a new line of combustion engines compliant with the latest Euro 7 emissions regulations.

This is part of a move to continue developing ICE vehicles –  both petrol and diesel – alongside EVs “in parallel”, Audi's chief technical officer Oliver Hoffman told Autocar.

“We will bring a completely new family of engines to our PPC [combustion] powertrains - the ICE platform,” he said, stopping short of revealing how closely related these new engines will be to the powerplants currently on sale. 

Prototypes of the new Audi Q5 and warmed-up SQ5 are still clad in heavy camouflage, but visible details reveal that the mid-sized crossover will be brought more in line with its newer stablemates, including the electric E-tron models. 

The totally overhauled front end resembles a clamshell-style bonnet, a shorter grille, sleek new headlights and new air-intake designs. At the rear, meanwhile, the Q5 looks to have been modelled on the Audi Q4 E-tron, although it's unclear whether a wraparound LED light bar is hiding beneath the wrap. 

The success of the Q5 peaked in 2022, with global sales climbing 2.7% to 301,038 representing nearly a fifth of the four-brand Audi Group's total deliveries.

It remains vitally important for the German brand six years on from being launched in its current form.

Audi q5 prototype front left hero 97

The next iteration, which is well into testing ahead of an anticipated 2023 unveiling and 2024 market launch, will look to maintain that sales momentum by providing a conventional ICE alternative to the similarly sized Audi Q6 E-tron electric SUV, which will arrive at around the ame time. 


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The new Q5 is expected to use the same evolution of the Volkswagen Group's MLB architecture that will underpin the next-generation Audi A4 saloon and estate.

That means it will offer both front and four-wheel-drive drivetrain layouts and is likely to continue with a familiar powertrain line-up comprising mild-hybrid petrol and diesel options alongside a choice of plug-in hybrids, all engineered to meet new Euro 7 emissions regulations.

It remains to be seen whether the hot SQ5 will stick with its turbocharged 3.0-litre diesel V6, the larger SQ7 and SQ8 having long since swapped to petrol power. Whichever fuel it uses, no doubt it will feature some form of electrification - be it in the form of mild-hybrid assistance or a more radical plug-in hybrid powertrain. 

The modified platform also introduces capacity for the Q5 to use the four-wheel steering system featured on the Audi A8 and Audi Q8, as well as level two autonomous driving functions and a raft of new connectivity features. 

Audi q5 disguised 99

As with the current Audi Q3, Q4 E-tron, Q5 and E-tron SUVs, the new Q5 is expected to be sold in straight-backed standard and rakish-roofed Sportback guises. 

Audi will use the new PPE platform – which it's co-developing with Porsche - for new electric versions of the A4 and A6, but given the new Q6 E-tron will essentially serve as an electric alternative to the Q5, the latter will not get an EV option. 

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Audi has committed to only launching EVs from 2026 and will stop selling ICE cars completely in 2033, meaning the Q5 will be among the final ICE cars the brand sells. 

However, Audi has also said that it plans to keep an ICE version of the Audi A6 on sale alongside the new electric A6 E-tron, hinting at a gradual shift towards all-out electrification for all models. 

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Saucerer 25 April 2023

I assume then that the A4 will not be replaced by a ICE model, considering the current model was launched way back in 2015 and each new Q5 is normally launched after the A4. Mind you, I don't think the current A4 is a great seller in the UK, unlike the previous B8 model, as I hardly see any on the road.

Antony Riley 29 March 2022

Yawn Yawn Why do I find Audi utterly boring Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 all the bloody same look ,I find an egg custer has more style Arrrrrr !

xxxx 29 March 2022

Never seen a Q1, as to a Q2 having the same look as a Q5 emmmmm

jason_recliner 25 April 2023
Spot on. Just a succession of bland derivative eurotrash-boxes.
The Apprentice 29 March 2022

Surprised its such a best seller, I don't notice many of them here on the road, must be a bigger hit abroad.