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Flagship sports car swaps V8 for highly boosted A-Class engine; loses 120kg to crack 0-62mph in 4.6sec

Mercedes-AMG has unveiled an entry-level version of its GT sports car, dubbed the GT 43, which is said to offer greater agility.

It swaps the GT 63’s snarling 577bhp 4.0-litre V8 for the mild-hybrid 2.0-litre turbo four-pot from the AMG A45, which puts out 416bhp and 369lb ft. 

As in the GT 63, power is transmitted through Mercedes’ nine-speed automatic gearbox, but only to the rear wheels, rather than all four. 

These changes make the GT 43 significantly lighter overall, weighing in at 1775kg, rather than the 1895kg of the GT 63.

They also bring a more “favourable weight distribution”, according to Mercedes. For reference, the GT 63’s mass is proportioned 54% over the front end and 46% over the rear.

However, they also hamper the coupé's straight-line speed, with the GT 43 cracking the 0-62mph sprint in 4.6sec – slower than the GT 63 by 1.4sec.

Mercedes-AMG GT 43 engine bay

As such, Mercedes is positioning the GT 43 as the most agile car in the GT line-up, with AMG CEO Michael Scheibe promising it “will put a smile on your face on winding roads”.

Rear-wheel steering, which activates at speeds up to 62mph to aid cornering capability, is also available as an optional extra.

The GT 43 is otherwise mechanically identical to its thrustier sibling, with the same five-link front and rear suspension set-up that pairs traditional steel springs with adaptive twin-valve dampers.

It's visually distinguished by less aggressive styling, with a smaller front grille and a reprofiled front bumper reflecting its entry-level positioning. The wheel arches are also narrower than on the V8 car, and tucked beneath them are 19in wheels, rather than 20in ones.

Mercedes-AMG GT 43 rear quarter tracking

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A spokesperson confirmed to Autocar that the GT 43 will not be available in the UK. The closely related SL 43 is, however, at £108,165.

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xxxx 20 March 2024

Well over 100k plus for a 4 pot, insane, oh and how did they make it so heavy.

Bob Cholmondeley 20 March 2024

Autotrader lists used V8s, with under 20k miles, for less money. I would not be paying 100 grand plus on such a car, with a 4 cylinder hot-hatch engine.

MisterMR44 19 March 2024

Mercedes-Benz UK are right not to bother bringing these in. Like the SL43, I do wonder who these four cylinder £100k-plus AMG cars are for. Cracking engine in the A-Class admittedly... but in their flagship cars... I don't know.