Currently reading: New pictures of 237bhp Abarth 600e mark brand's 75th anniversary
Abarth’s second EV goes after the Cupra Born with a limited-slip diff and Formula E-derived tyres

Abarth has revealed new pictures of the hot 600e crossover as part of its 75th anniversary celebrations.

The Italian performance brand's second electric car – based on the Fiat 600e – was shown for the first time a few weeks ago, but these new shots give a better look at its aggressive bodykit, lurid purple paintwork and bespoke styling cues ahead of its full debut in summer. 

Previously, the Ford Puma ST rival had only been shown from the front, but the rear end has now been revealed in full, sporting a chunky roof spoiler and a large, track-inspired diffuser that features Abarth's scorpion logo.

The interior has been revealed, as well. Like the smaller Abarth 500e, it is fundamentally identical to that of the Fiat on which it is based, but with a raft of sporting-inspired add-ons that hint at its performance billing.

There are prominent Abarth graphics on the dashboard, for example, plus contrasting stitching for the sports-style seats and another scorpion on the Alcantara-wrapped steering wheel. The infotainment display receives Abarth-specific displays and menus, too. 

The hot 600e will feature the same external sound generator as the 500e, but is equipped with a "convenient point" to switch it on and off, rather than scrolling through the gauge cluster menus as in the smaller car. 

The striking Hypnotic Purple car pictured here is the Scorpionissima launch edition, just 1949 examples of which will be produced.

Sending 237bhp through the front axle, the 600e is described as “fiercely competitive and powerful” and will be the most powerful car based on Abarth parent company Stellantis’s e-CMP2 platform.

Abarth has yet to offer any performance figures, but we can be sure that it will comfortably outpace the Fiat on which it's based, with a 0-62mph time in the region of 6.0sec.

Full technical specifications will be given at the car’s debut, but Abarth has already confirmed that it's fitted with a limited-slip differential and performance tyres that – as implied by images of the car drifting on a race track – hint at an overt focus on dynamic engagement.


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Developed in partnership with Formula E rubber supplier Hankook, these tyres have been designed to "ensure maximum grip and guarantee excellent racing dynamics in all kinds of conditions” while “ensuring an improved range in an electric vehicle”.

The hot 600e is likely to be powered by the same 51kWh (usable) battery as the standard model, but its dramatically increased reserves will no doubt trim the range from 252 miles to nearer the 200-mile mark.

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ianp55 31 March 2024

Is the FIAT 600E the right type of car for Abarth to build? the basic car is a pleasant enough vehicle with a good light interior a nice but rather bland styling that looks good in the "Sun Of Italy" colours as reviewed in the latest Autocar. My concerns are is 237hp enough and the external additions are a bit problematic,the interior seems  too dark as well compared to the La Prima version. What will the price be of the Abarth 600E be? the price of the La Prima is a fiver under £37K and the fire breathing MG X-Power with nearly 200 more horses and all wheel drive is £36440 you'd have to think hard about the Abarth why pay more for less? 

Peter Cavellini 31 March 2024

How much power is enough?, it's how it drives, how it handles, making EV cars that do nought to sixty in two, three seconds is a selling tool, how often would you do that?, top speed won't be Supercar territory either, and why should it?, kind of pointless doing three figure speeds these days, it's more a decent range with an EV, 200 miles?, is that enough?don't get me wrong, it's a nice looking car, I just hope it's not Yaris money to buy.

bol 9 February 2024

The feel and handling are going to have to do a lot of work here aren't they? It's looking pretty under powered compared to the Smart and Volvo. I just wish a manufacturer would combine the power of the EX30/#1 with the handling of a proper driver's car.