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Highly esteemed hot hatch gets a performance boost, adjusted suspension and two special editions

Pricing and specification details for the updated Toyota GR Yaris have been revealed, with the high-performance hot hatch increasing in cost by more than £12,000. 

Prices for the Volkswagen Golf GTI rival start at £44,250 in the UK, with the Sébastien Ogier Edition and Kalle Rovanperä Edition specials coming in at £60,000. 

The GR Yaris once again features a 1.6-litre turbocharged three-cylinder petrol engine, but power has increased from 258bhp to 276bhp and torque from 266lb ft to 287lb ft. 

The car has also gained the option of an eight-speed automatic gearbox alongside the standard six-speed manual.

Beneath the metal, the new GR Yaris gets modified suspension for improved handling, with revised spring rates and a stronger front shock absorber. 

Inside, the hot hatch also has changes to the driving position and cockpit, with a new infotainment system. Toyota says it offers a “more authentic sports car feel”. 

The GR Yaris will be sold in the UK in limited quantities, but Toyota hasn't confirmed any exact numbers. 

A spokesperson confirmed to Autocar that pricing wasn't linked to demand but was “representative” of the car’s positioning, with factors such as inflation and new technology contributing to the rise. 

Rivals such as the Honda Civic Type R, at £48,060, have also jumped in price for their latest variants.


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Current owners of a GR Yaris, plus those already on the brand’s waiting list, will have the chance to enter a ballot from May 2024 for a chance to secure an allocation. 

The special World Rally Championship-inspired variants will also come to the UK in limited numbers, priced at £60,000. 

The Sébastien Ogier Edition gets Morizo mode, which improves traction and cornering, and Séb mode, which diverts more power to the rear wheels to boost handling at higher speeds.

The Kalle Rovanperä Edition gets Donut mode, which enables better drifting and donut spins, and Kalle Mode, which makes full use of an extra rear differential.

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MisterMR44 27 March 2024

Ooooo... now £44k. Well, that's me out...

Will86 27 March 2024
As good a the GR Yaris is, that price is a bit much. How about a detuned version with perhaps 200bhp, front wheel drive for under £28k?
xxxx 27 March 2024

All of a sudden it's not appealing or good value for money. You can spend less and get a car that's fun or unbelievably get an Audi S3 for the same money.