Currently reading: New Suzuki Swift gains design updates and updated infotainment
Next-generation supermini features changes inside and out, plus an updated powertrain

The fourth-generation Suzuki Swift has been officially revealed, and the new supermini will go on sale with a host of design changes, four-wheel drive and engine alterations. 

Due to arrive in the UK in spring 2024, the new Swift offers a new front grille, L-shaped front lights and updated front wings. It also gains new lights at the rear, plus a new rear bumper. 

Suzuki said the new Swift will be offered with a 1.2-litre three-cylinder mild-hybrid petrol engine. Power specifications haven’t been revealed just yet, but the previous car offered 82bhp. 

The brand’s Allgrip Auto four-wheel drive system will also be available as an option, although there’s no word on the return of the Suzuki Swift Sport, which offered 127bhp from a mild-hybrid 1.4-litre engine in its previous outing. 

Inside, the new Swift features cost-effective analogue instruments and a small digital screen in the driver display. The climate control panel no longer features chunky rotary dials and there are markedly fewer physical controls. 

As standard, the new Swift comes with a new 9.0in touchscreen infotainment system, with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, plus a suite of safety features that includes braking support, driver monitoring and lane-keeping assistance. 

Full specification details for the UK market are due to be revealed early next year.

The new Swift previously made its public debut at the Tokyo motor show earlier this year, wearing concept badging but was clearly all but ready to go on sale. 

It "has been developed by always keeping the concept of 'drive and feel’”, Suzuki said, hinting at a focus on providing engaging dynamics and charismatic performance.

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The re-engineered hatchback is also said to have made the shift "from tangible consumption to experiential consumption", which suggests an enhanced emphasis on sustainability throughout its construction.

Suzuki said it embodies the value of having fun with your car in daily life. 

Other changes spotted include the rear door handles, which have moved from the C-pillar to a more traditional position below the window. 

Given the budget-friendliness of the Swift, it’s unlikely that the new car will receive a significant technological overhaul.

It has been confirmed to feature a "high-efficiency engine" that "strikes a balance between driving performance and fuel efficiency".

The car pictured features the current car's five-speed manual gearbox, but an automatic option is likely to return.

Prices are tipped to start at north of £17,000, given that the current Swift costs just shy of that amount (having launched in 2017 at £11,000).

Official details will be given closer to market launch, which is expected in early 2024.

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xxxx 6 December 2023

Suzuki really do like shoting themselves in the foot. Exterior just gets worse with every update, interior is just a cheap techno fest, decent engines have been removed and the car has junk fitted as standard like lane assist which a small city car doesn't need or want, for most.

It's no coincidence sales are falling.

jason_recliner 5 October 2023

Cute in a dumpy way. Or dumpy in a cute way. Cute and dumpy.

Peter Cavellini 6 December 2023
jason_recliner wrote:

Cute in a dumpy way. Or dumpy in a cute way. Cute and dumpy.

Yes, quite, I love the Landau Roof, kind of like a Silvercross Pram Hood, bit short of foot space in the rear though, and the one in the back of I thought the floor felt a bit thin.

FastRenaultFan 4 October 2023
It looks OK but not as nice as the Current model. In the right colour the current model is a great looking car. I also do not think the handles moved to the door suits it. They should have left them as hidden door handles.
FastRenaultFan 27 December 2023
A dam pity one can not edit ones own post here so I will just add some more thoughts about this new swift to it instead with a reply to my own post lol.

I prefer the Swift before this model and then I prefer the Swift before the Swift that was before this model so the 3rd gen I think. The one before this has grown on me do but both have much better dashs than this with its ugly touch screen in the middle where it is. I would not have this one but would have one of either of the generations before it. There should be some great deals on the current generation new now do. Pick one up while you still can.