Currently reading: Tesla hits one million European sales ahead of new Model 3 launch
Heavily updated Model 3 arrives in UK in January priced from £39,990

Tesla has announced it has sold one million cars in Europe, as it prepares for deliveries of the new Tesla Model 3 in January next year. 

The American EV maker first launched in Europe in 2009 with limited deliveries of the Tesla Roadster (produced 2008-2012) before the arrival of the Tesla Model S in 2012 and the Tesla Model X in 2015. 

It went on to launch the Tesla Model 3 in 2016 and the Tesla Model Y in 2020. According to industry analyst Jato, the four cars in Tesla’s S, X, 3 and Y line-up achieved 232,066 sales in 2022. Of that figure, 137,052 were Model Ys and 91,475 Model 3s.  

The new Model 3 went on sale in the UK earlier this month, offering a significant price saving over the outgoing car.

Now available to configure on Tesla's website ahead of January 2024 deliveries, the new-look Model 3 is priced from £39,990 - £3000 less than the cheapest version of the outgoing car, which was itself subject to a drastic £8000 price reduction earlier this year.

That buys the single-motor, rear-wheel-drive version, which has a claimed range of up to 344 miles (318 miles on the larger, 19in optional wheels) and can be charged at speeds of up to 170kW. 

The twin-motor Long Range car increases the price to £49,990, the maximum range to 421 miles and the peak charging speed to 250kW. 


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xxxx 7 November 2023

Good stats with the exception that they show the Model S and X are effectively dead in Europe. Tesla need to pull their finger out as at the moment they're just a 2 model company which leaves them suseptible to the the competition, if only Geely badged Polestar Volvo in Europe.

A34 21 October 2023

No doubt this is Musks warning shot across the bows of the Korean and Chinese EV  makers.... should be interesting next year!

Oldson 21 October 2023

I didn't know it was physically possible but they appear to have actually made the interior even worse than it was before...