Currently reading: Volvo confirms electric version of next XC90
Electric seven-seat luxury SUV is due in 2022; expansion of 40-series is also planned

Volvo will launch an electric version of its next-generation Volvo XC90, which is due in around 2022.

The third-generation Volvo XC90 will be the first model based on the updated SPA architecture that will underpin all next-generation versions of the Volvo S/V60-series and Volvo S/V90 models.

Confirming the news, Volvo boss kan Samuelsson also revealed that an expansion of the smaller 40-series of models was also due to take place beyond the sole Volvo XC40 of today.

Whether that will be a more direct replacement for the recently discontinued Volvo V40 family hatchback isn't yet known, but Samuelsson said the firm “realised the need for another small, premium car” with a particular focus on Europe, and that there are “plans to do more models of the family”.

The 40-series will initially expand with the electric Volvo XC40 Recharge later this year, and at least one new bodystyle will follow it, separate from anything badged XC40.

Volvo’s strategy for electric cars is to offer electric versions of existing models rather than bespoke creations – a role that it believes it has covered off with its new Polestar electric performance car brand.

As well as being offered as an EV, the next XC90 will continue to be offered as a plug-in hybrid and likely a mild hybrid petrol. There will be no diesel option, however, because Volvo plans to not offer diesel as it replaces and adds to its range from now on.

Samuelsson confirmed the future SPA platform cars, including the XC90, will all be offered with a high degree of automated driving potential on highways that will be optional for the customer. The hardware will be there to allow full hands-off and eyes-off driving should regulations allow this in time, but Samuelsson dialled back from Volvo offering a fully autonomous car – as much of the industry is now doing.

Production of the XC90 will move from Torslanda, Sweden to Volvo’s new plant in South Carolina, US.


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Andrew1 25 January 2020

Big! Bigger!

We are just as big as the Americans, why can't we have cars as big as theirs? Ignore those who say our roads are not nearly as wide as theirs - if you drive in the middle of the road you can have a car twice as wide!.

I can barely fit in my Range Rover, 365 more Big Macs and I will need a bigger car. And don't get me started on those hybrid junk, the batteries take up valuable space. What we need is big V8s, capable of carrying 330 pounds/passager or so (my missus broke the scale a few months ago).

oop north 24 January 2020


Could be my next car if so - would rather a discovery but Land Rover seem to be living in a world where it's more important to go up a 45 degree slope than sell an electric vehicle. I have an iPace but want more space. Lots more!

Rollocks 24 January 2020

Rip-off Britain

Space? SPACE? Oh no, sir, we can't allow ordinary British people to enjoy space. That's only for the toffs, sir, or the Americans, Saudis or Swedes. We'd really rather prefer it if our UK customers made do with something compact and bijou, like the XC40. But we insist, of course, that you pay big car money for the privilege. Or would sir rather take the bus...?