A definite step forward over the old Murcielago, the LP640 has astounding grunt and levels of grip, blended with old-school Lamborghini qualities. Hugely desirable.

What is it?

The new, updated version of Lamborghini's monstrous Murcielago. Engine size goes up from 6.2 to 6.5 litres, boosting power from a mere 580bhp to 631bhp. Ceramic brakes are now an option, too, and there are revisions to the paddle-shift gearbox. Lambo has also tweaked the springs and dampers.

What's it like?

Every bit a Lambo, really. It's hard to imagine that you could feel genuinely quicker after a 580bhp predecessor but the LP640 does feel like a step up. The paddle-shift 'box is quicker and cleaner than before, too, and the four-wheel drive chassis gives enormous levels of grip. It still demands respect, though - just like a Lamborghini should.

Should I buy one?

Even with 631bhp, the Murcielago is no longer the daddy of supercars, but it's arguably the most enthralling and engrossing way of getting from A to B.

Adam Towler

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