From £116,625
Very at home in a straight line once you've found some traction, the SL 65 is now more eager round bends too.

What's new?

The flagship roadster from AMG gets the updates that have been applied to the rest of the SL range.

Mainly, there's the second generation of the ABC air suspension system, which is now much firmer in its sport setting. The steering has also been made more direct and there are new composite brake discs with six-piston calipers up front.

You will also find the briefest of makeovers for the exterior and some upgrades to the cabin including new gearchange paddles and the AMG Racetimer that can record your lap times.

What's it like?

Still as ludicrously rapid as ever. If you can find some traction, the never-ending accelerative force of this thing can literally take your breath away with the roof down. The changes to the chassis certainly make it feel more alert on a winding road, and there's less of a nose-heavy feel to cornering now. It's still more geared to straight-line speed, however.

Should I buy one? 

At this price, that question is largely irrelevant. If you want a civilised roadster that can storm past 200mph if derestricted, this is the choice.

Adam Towler

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