Adds extra range to the ID 3’s all-round strength, if you can accept the extra cost

What is it?

As the flagship model in the Volkswagen ID 3 line-up, this new Tour Pro S invites buyers to ask a big question: how much are you prepared to pay for extra range? 

Housed in the flat floor of the Tour Pro S is a substantial 77kWh battery, the largest of three sizes available for the ID 3, which gives the model a hefty official range of 336 miles.

That’s a substantial and useful increase on the 217 and 263 miles you’ll get from the smaller 45kWh and 58kWh batteries also offered for the hatch. But, predictably, it comes at a cost: with help from government grants, the cheapest 45kWh ID 3 is available for £29,620; by contrast, our Tour Pro S test car costs £41,400, in part because it sits well above the government grant threshold.

2 Vw id 3 tour pro s 2021 uk fd hero side

What's it like?

To be clear, that extra cost isn’t all down to the batteries. As the top spec, Tour trim ID 3 models come loaded with kit including 19in wheels as standard (our test car had optional 20in alloys), dual zone air con, keyless entry and up to 125kW rapid charging - although you’ll only find two proper seats in the back.

It also comes with Volkswagen's new augmented-reality head-up display, which projects navigation details and other information onto a much wider section of window. Once you adjust to it it’s a near system, if not quite yet game-changing technology.

The ID 3 hides the extra heft of the 77kWh battery – nearly 200kg more than a 58kWh ID 3 – well, and there’s little trade-off in ride or performance for that extra range. Unlike the Max trim the Pro S doesn’t have adaptive dampers, but despite that and the 19in wheels the ride remains decent, if not exactly dynamic.

7 Vw id 3 tour pro s 2021 uk fd dashboard

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Should I buy one?

The good news is that the extra size of the ID 3 Tour Pro S’s batteries comes at little to no dynamic cost. It remains a thorough pleasant and amiable drive, and an accessible easy step into the EV world. 

The extra kit of Tour Pro S spec is welcome but hardly essential. So, ultimately, the question comes down to how much you really need the close-to 300-mile range enabled by that 77kWh battery - and how much that’s worth to you.

If range is a primary concern, it might be a justified spend. But if you can cope with a smaller range, you’ll find better bargains lower down the ID 3 line-up, or bigger EVs - such as the ID 4 - available for a similar price.

3 Vw id 3 tour pro s 2021 uk fd hero rear


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gagaga 17 July 2021

Congrats on managing to review that car at that price and keeping a straight face.

shiftright 16 July 2021

I'm impressed by the tech, although skeptical of VW reliability, but I'm lulled to sleep by the utterly unimaginative design. Generic is putting it kindly.

xxxx 16 July 2021