12 July 2018

There aren't many cars like the Jeep Wrangler in existence. The Jeep was first conceived for the military more than 70 years ago, became a civilian version and has been confidently yet sympathetically updated ever since. The Jeep is 'the one'. 

During that time it has remained arguably the world's most capable off-road vehicle, while it has developed a sense of fun over the years too. You can easily remove the roof, fold down the windscreen, even take off the doors, to turn an all-weather, all-season car into a toy for grown-ups.

Cleaner, more efficient and more capable than ever, this brand new JL variant arrives this year, replacing the JK that has been on sale since 2006. You can have it with two or four doors and, in Europe, with a 2.2-litre diesel engine. We test it on and off road to see whether it's still the don of off-roaders.

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myraruthra203 23 March 2022

thank you

jason_recliner 5 August 2018

I'm a Toyota guy when it comes to 4WDs...

... BUT this thing is awesome and I want one.

artill 12 July 2018

As appealing as a toy for

As appealing as a toy for grown ups as this is (and it absolutely does appeal) its realy annoying to see what the US gets as options, and the limited range we will get offered over here. To rub salt in, we know that FCA are going to price this way above the JK in Europe. Not offering us the manual box reduces its appeal for starters, and i would prefer the Pentestar V6 to the 2.0 turbo. In the US a V6 manual is $3,000 cheaper than a base 2 litr auto, we wont get the choice.