15 August 2019

So which is it to be? What is the greatest ever product of BMW's performance arm, the M Division?

Is it the BMW E30 M3, the compact 3-Series that was homologated for the road to go racing and, to many, is the epitome of an M car? Could it be the E46 M3 CSL, the lightweight, hardcore version of that generation M3, which had one of the finest engines ever made? Or the car we're bookending the feature with, the very latest M2 Competition?

Or is there one we've missed? Join our testers Mauro Calo and Matt Prior as they try to decide what is the greatest driver's BMW ever.


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Ofir 17 August 2019

Has to be the E30

E30 no question. Manual and light. The extra power in the others comes with a huge weight penalty and M2 is not even naturally aspirated.

paulmt123 17 August 2019

Love BMW straight 6

That naturally aspirated 6 in the CSL does it for me. Love the sound and having that as you pull out of the bends with perhaps a little more softness than we have now makes it my winner although it'd be a pain to have no air conditioning in the recent heat! But I think the purity makes that sacrifice worthwhile if you want ultimate driving machine. As a daily though maybe the regular E46 M3 is a better choice. I enjoyed listening to the 6s in my dad's BMW 535, 320, 328, less so the 330 which boomed, and the 525. Just begging him to overtake something to listen to the 6 cylinder. It was even better when he picked a Porsche boxster 3.2. And now a AMG slk 55 provides even more sound but it's over too quick. So too much performance means I can only listen to it for 2 seconds at once on the road as by then from 40 you're over 60! The M2 does a good effort for a turbo but still sounds muted but is it a bit too stiff as well. That'll be very firm in town
david RS 16 August 2019

M3 E36 ?  

M3 E36 ?