The executive speeches that accompany the launch of new cars at motor shows are typically all the same. Best in class this, emotional that.

The exception came today when Toyota and Lexus chief Akio Toyoda unveiled the new Lexus LC500. The speech was as entertaining as the LC's baby LFA looks and spec sheet.

Toyoda, making his Detroit debut, apologised for his English and accent, but said he spoke "fluent cars".

"I really love cars, always have, always will. I wanted to be a taxi driver when I grew up... I don't want to sit behind the desk, I want to sit behind the wheel. That's how I can best advise my team and create cars for people who love cars as passionately as I do."

Toyoda then went on to recount when he met journalists at the Pebble Beach Concours in 2011. "They had some very good comments about Lexus..."

He'd even brought some with him. "Lexus cars are well made but boring to drive. Lexus needs to define the brand. Lexus is at a crossroads."

Toyoda said they were "strong opinions, which I took to heart." So much so that Toyoda took direct responsibility for the Lexus brand, and set it up as a separate company with its own design, engineering and marketing budgets.

The first evidence of what he'd like to do with Lexus came four years ago at the Detroit motor show with the LF-LC concept car. "I wanted to make cars to fill hearts, exhilarating in every way. The LF-LC had many strong opinions, but good ones."

Toyoda said that the LF-LC was created as pure concept car, with no production intent. "But the positive reaction of media and customers made me change my mind. We listened and made it real."

Toyoda spoke of the conflict that usually exists between design and engineering teams, but he said in this in this instance there was no conflict as "we wanted to make it as close to the concept as possible and the most dynamic Lexus this side of the LFA. Four years on, I can say we have a brave new Lexus."

There was one last smile from Toyoda before the crowds descended on the striking new LC. "My name is Toyoda, but my middle name is Lexus."