On the cover of this week's Autocar magazine we’ve called it the most controversial Bentley ever – but the temptation was to call it the most controversial car ever. If they can sell as many Bentaygas as they have started pub debates, Bentley will be in great shape.

And yet… what is everyone really so steamed up about? The original concept looked rushed, for sure, and the name is a mouthful. But the former is now forgotten and the latter is starting to trip off the tongue. Is the idea of a Bentley SUV really that hard to stomach?

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On the eve of Jaguar launching its first SUV and with Lamborghini and Rolls-Royce poised to follow, I’d argue that Bentley and the rest are only doing what they should be doing: reacting to market trends and creating vehicles accordingly, just as their founding fathers did.

In fact, the only foolhardy move would surely be not to make an in-demand vehicle purely because there was no historical precedent. When you are plotting a vibrant future, it rarely pays to approach the task with a closed mind.