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New 2015 model year Escalade promises the next generation of luxury from Cadillac; large SUV will take on the new Range Rover in Europe

The Cadillac Escalade SUV has been revealed, with sales in Europe set to start before the end of the year.

It's powered by a new 6.2-litre V8 engine, and while Cadillac hasn't revealed official power or torque figures it promises that the new engine is "more powerful and more efficient than previous models".

Cadillac has also revised the Escalade's suspension, which now incorporates Magnetic Ride Control to deliver more precise handling and a more controlled ride.

Inside, the Escalade provides space for eight passengers, with new leather and wood trim combinations. Cadillac says the new interior is quieter than the old model, thanks to a more rigid body structure as well as new noise-cancelling technology.

Features include a 12.3-inch digital dashboard cluster and a heads-up display for drivers, while options include a nine-inch roof-mounted entertainment system for rear passengers.

Cadillac has big ambitions for the new Escalade, with senior vice president Bob Ferguson saying it will "once again assume the leadership position among luxury SUVs". If it were to come to the UK, its closest competitor would likely to be the new Range Rover.

The car will be built in Texas, at the same plant which already produces the current Escalade as well as the extended ELV edition.

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SirSidneyRuffdiamond 12 October 2013

Saw the current model down a

Saw the current model down a side street yesterday. It is vast. So too will the 2015 model be, ridiculously so really. Quality may get better (American interiors generally very poor) but that ridiculous grille! it is monstrously big and hideously ugly. Everything in fact that should suit a professional footballer.
I don't like Cadilac's straight and angular styling personally, never did. And there is no reason why it should be so. Caddys of old (before the daft styling of the 70s came into fashion) had curves after all.
it woujld be Range Rover every time for me over something like this. Not that I can afford it mind you.

DBtechnician 11 October 2013

Closest competitor Range Rover

I have missed something Autocar ?
Since when did the new Range Rover come with eight seats and while were on the subject of seats where's the photo of the inside showing the layout?
It would be good to see something of the inside other than the steering wheel especially since the photo of the front won't endear many too it on this side of the pond as it looks like it has fed at McDonalds.

gazza5 11 October 2013

US of A cars

I have to agree - most people haven't obviously not driven any usa cars lately - last few years I have had a caddy cts, ford mustang (just v6), dodge dart.
For me yes they are cheaper made - but they are seriously catching up. Also when a mustang starts at $26000 (for a premium spec v6) they really are good value. You can't compare a mustang against a bmw when in the us a bmw is at least $10,000 more. Sorry just looked admittedly for the 428 (2.0 turbo) its $40500.

The cadillacs are good cars - I would have one on the uk over a bmw - mainly because I like cars that not many other people want to buy - bored of bmw, merc, audi - I would buy a volvo s60 meself or a lexus or a caddy.