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These are some of the most exciting cars worth waiting for as the industry enters the electric age

Despite a recent slowdown in the growth rate of EV sales, much of the industry remains clear that its long-term future is in electric cars.

Historic names including Alfa Romeo and Jaguar plan to go electric-only well before 2030, joining a dizzying array of new start-ups in contending for a slice of the market.

But that isn’t to say that combustion engines are gone for good: Ford’s set to build V8s “as long as God and the politicians let us”, and hybridisation has given many sports cars and supercars a stay of execution.

Welcome to our guide to some of the most exciting models hitting the market between 2025 and 2030, covering everything from cute city cars like the revived Renault Twingo to end-of-an-era sports cars and luxurious SUVs.

If 2025 is too long to wait, why not consult our guide to all the new cars coming in 2024?

Aehra SUV

Aehra SUV unveiling – front quarter static

The first model to come from Italian EV start-up Aehra will be a £155,000 coupé-SUV designed to carry four NBA basketball players in comfort. It will be powered by a three-motor powertrain outputting 794bhp.

Everything we know about the Aehra SUV

Aehra Sedan

Aehra Sedan unveiling – front quarter

The Aehra Sedan is a sleeker foil to the Aehra SUV, with a more aerodynamic body that will supposedly allow a range of 497 miles between charges. Nailing the “basic physics” is the priority for the saloon according to engineering chief Franco Cimatti, who was previously responsible for developing Lotus’s EPA platform. 

Everything we know about the Aehra Sedan

Alfa Romeo 4E

Alfa Romeo 4E render – front quarter

The Alfa Romeo 4E will serve as a brand-building halo model amid the brand’s shift to offering solely electric cars. Product boss Daniel Guzzafame said a new Alfa Spider would become “within reach” once the brand has five EVs in its line-up, suggesting it won’t arrive until after 2027.

Everything we know about the Alfa Romeo 4E

Alfa Romeo Giulia

Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio render – front quarter

The Giulia saloon will move onto Alfa parent firm Stellantis’s radical new STLA Medium platform as it goes electric. It will retain its sporting character, though, with the Giulia Quadrifoglio sports saloon promised to offer outputs of up to 1000bhp.

Everything we know about the next Alfa Romeo Giulia

Alfa Romeo GTV successor

Alfa Romeo GTV successor render – front quarter

Alfa design boss Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos has confirmed that design work on a new coupé, inspired by the famed SZ, continues behind the scenes. He hinted that it could make production if the brand’s fortunes continue to improve under Stellantis stewardship and that it would likely be a variant of the Giulia (above). 

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Everything we know about Alfa Romeo's SZ-inspired coupé

Alfa Romeo large electric saloon

Alfa Romeo large electric saloon render – front quarter

Alfa will launch a BMW 5 Series rival around 2027, aiming it primarily at the Chinese and North American markets. It will be based on parent company Stellantis’s new STLA Large platform, which allows for body lengths between 4.76m (about as long as a Mercedes-Benz C-Class) and 5.13m (the old Jaguar XJ) and ride heights from 140mm to 287mm. It can also offer huge performance, with 0-62mph times as low as 2.0sec and ranges of up to 500 miles.

Everything we know about Alfa Romeo's new large saloon

Alpine A110 EV

Electric Alpine A110 render – front quarter

The electric follow-up to one of the past decade’s most celebrated sports cars will use a bespoke platform, confirmed Renault Group CEO Luca de Meo after Alpine and Lotus ended talks to co-develop an electric sports car. The Alpine É-ternite concept provides a first look at what we can expect from the electric A110, offering a single 239bhp motor and enough battery power to drive 261 miles between charges. It’s 258kg heavier than the current A110, at 1378kg in total.

Everything we know about the electric Alpine A110

Alpine A110 Ultime

Alpine A110 Ultime prototype front quarter

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Before the EV arrives, the A110 is set to go out with a bang. A new model, thought to be called the Ultime, has been spotted testing at the Nürburgring with a more aggressive aerodynamics package. It’s understood to boost the A110’s power to more than 330bhp, while its weight is set to be cut to below a tonne. 

Everything we know about the Alpine A110 Ultime

Alpine A290

Alpine A290 sliding on ice

The spirit of Renaultsport has been revived for a hot-hatch rework of the Renault 5. It will have the bigger Renault Mégane’s 214bhp motor with an added overboost mode to uncork extra shove in short bursts. It will also have differential-simulating torque vectoring, hydraulic bumpstops and brakes from the A110. Could it be the first truly great electric hot hatch?

Everything we know about the Alpine A290

Alpine A310

Alpine A310 render – front quarter

The rakish Alpine A310 of the '70s will be reborn as an electric GT, as part of the French brand’s expansion to a seven-car line-up. It will be based on the same Alpine Performance Platform (APP) as the next A110, due in 2027, but offer more practical 2+2 seating – loosely mirroring the relationship between the Porsche 718 Cayman and the Porsche 911.

Everything we know about the new Alpine A310

Alpine electric SUVs

Alpine SUV render – side

As part of Alpine’s push into new ‘lifestyle’ segments it will launch D- and E-segment electric SUVs, aiming to translate the A110’s dynamic appeal into more family-friendly packages. This will require “various technical solutions”, according to the brand’s head of design, Antony Villain, such as torque vectoring and four-wheel steering. “We want something high-performance, sporty and energised,” said Villain. “We don’t want something that just goes in straight lines super-quickly.”

Everything we know about Alpine's upcoming electric SUVs

Ariel Hipercar

2022 Ariel Hipercar front quarter tracking

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The Ariel Hipercar certainly lives up to its name, packing four electric motors which combined to output a mammoth 1180bhp. It justifies its jet-fighter looks, too, with a gas-turbine range-extender that helps to keep its 62kWh battery topped up.

Ariel Hipercar review

Ariel Nomad EV

Ariel Nomad front quarter sliding on dirt track

Ariel and three partners have secured around £300,000 in funding from the UK's Niche Vehicle Network (NVN) to develop a production-ready electric variant of its Nomad buggy. Autocar understands that a battery-powered prototype has already been built.

Everything we know about the electric Ariel Nomad

Aston Martin electric SUV

Aston Martin electric SUV render – front quarter

Aston Martin’s first electric car will be a rapid SUV powered by battery and motor technologies from Lucid. The nascent American EV brand claims its current-generation drive outputs are capable of outputting up to 670bhp while weighing slightly less than 74kg apiece.

Everything we know about Aston Martin's first electric car

Aston Martin ‘Project Rambo’

Aston Martin 4x4 render Autocar

Aston Martin is considering building a rugged 4x4 to rival the Mercedes G-Class, with design proposals currently being evaluated. It’s said to be dubbed ‘Project Rambo’ internally, in reference to the infamous Lamborghini LM002. 

Everything we know about Aston Martin’s super-4x4

Aston Martin Vanquish

Aston Martin Vanquish front quarter

The replacement for the DBS will bring back the Vanquish name and introduce a thunderous new V12, confirmed to pack 824bhp and 738lb ft of torque. Spy shots reveal that the flagship is based on the DB12, just as the DBS was based on the DB11, but has a much more aggressive design to maximise aerodynamic and cooling performance. 

Everything we know about the Aston Martin Vanquish

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Audi A3 successor

Electric Audi RS3 render – front quarter

The current Audi A3 will be replaced by an all-new model based on the Volkswagen Group’s MEB platform later this decade. It may be sold in parallel with a heavily-updated ICE model – similar to the A4, A6 and Q5.

Everything we know about the electric Audi A3

Audi A7

Audi A7 prototype – front

Audi’s reshuffle of model names – combustion cars getting odd-numbered designations and EVs even-numbered ones – will have the A6 renamed the A7. The new car, recently spotted testing in Germany, will continue to use the Volkswagen Group’s MLB platform, so it should retain its defining comfort and practicality, but it’s anticipated to bring major improvements to on-board technology and fuel efficiency.

Everything we know about the new Audi A7

Audi electric 4x4

Audi bosses are plotting a new go-anywhere 4x4 to rival the Land Rover Defender. It could borrow its underpinnings from new sibling brand Scout’s upcoming SUV and pick-up truck, offering steep departure angles and the ground clearance needed to traverse tricky terrain.

Everything we know about Audi's electric 4x4

Audi RS5 Avant

Audi RS5 PHEV render – front

Just as the A6 will become the A7, the A4 will become the A5. The high-performance RS version is set to retain its 2.9-litre twin-turbocharged V6 petrol engine but gain an electric motor, boosting total power well beyond the 444bhp of today.

Everything we know about the new Audi RS5

Audi R8 successor

Electric Audi R8 render – front

Audi is set to base its follow-up to the R8 atop a bespoke EV platform that it's co-developing with Porsche. Work is said to be well under way on the new supercar, tipped to offer a greater power output than any other car in Audi’s line-up.

Everything we know about the electric Audi R8 successor 

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Audi TT

Audi TT render – side

The petrol TT has now been retired, but work continues apace on its electric successor. Audi Sport is said to be in an “intense concept phase” for the small coupé’s next iteration, due to arrive within the next five to 10 years. Managing director Rolf Michl said its development is a “huge job” and added that “it will be different but emotional”. 

Everything we know about the next Audi TT

Bentley EV

Electric Bentley render – front quarter

Bentley recently delayed the launch of its first electric car to 2026, buying it time to refine its autonomous-driving functionality. The new EV is promised to offer up to double the power of the brand’s outgoing W12, and range capabilities on a par with its petrol counterparts. In the meantime, however, Bentley will focus on launching revised versions of its existing cars with V8-based plug-in hybrid powertrains.

Everything we know about Bentley's first electric car

BMW 3 Series Neue Klasse

BMW Neue Klasse concept front quarter tracking

The BMW Vision Neue Klasse concept unveiled at the Munich motor show is our first look at the future of the 3 Series. The radical saloon will be the first in a new crop of electric cars promised to offer a generational leap in technologies, with 30% more range, 30% faster charging and 25% greater efficiency.

Everything we know about BMW's Neue Klasse revolution

BMW M3 Neue Klasse

Electric BMW M3 render – front

The Neue Klasse 3 Series is also set to spawn the first electric M3, premiering a “crazy” new ‘Heart of Joy’ chassis control computer. This is said to enable dynamic performance superlative to today’s petrol-engined model.

Everything we know about the electric BMW M3

BMW iX3 Neue Klasse

BMW Vision Neue Klasse X concept front

BMW’s Neue Klasse revolution won’t be limited to saloons: a new iX3 SUV has already been confirmed by way of the Vision Neue Klasse X concept car. It’s a close preview of the replacement for the iX3, due to be launched next year, prioritising efficiency and introducing new interior technologies.

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Everything we know about the Neue Klasse BMW iX3

BMW Skytop

BMW Concept Skytop front quarter

Revealed at the exclusive Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este, this V8-powered drop-top harks back to the BMW Z8. It’s based on the CLAR platform that underpins every BMW from the 3 Series upwards, and could be green-lit for limited production if there’s sufficient demand.

Everything we know about the BMW Concept Skytop

Caterham Project V

Caterham Project V front quarter

Caterham stunned crowds at the 2023 Goodwood Festival of Speed with its vision of an electric sports car: three seats, 1190kg, 249 miles of range and a price tag of less than £80,000. It could hit production as soon as 2026, at a rate of around 2000 cars per year.

Everything we know about the Caterham Project V

Citroën ë-C3 Aircross

Citroen C3 Aircross front quarter static

The Citroën C3 Aircross has become an electric seven-seater, as the brand seeks to better differentiate it from the regular C3. It’s based on the same Smart Car platform, but is some 200mm longer, and sits taller. Powertrains have yet to be detailed by Citroën, but the closely related – and similarly conceived – is offered with mild-hybrid and electric options.

Everything we know about the next Citroën C3 Aircross

Cupra Raval

Cupra Urbanrebel – front quarter

Seat’s sporting sibling brand will launch a fun-focused version of the Volkswagen ID 2 later this decade. Inspired by the formerly UrbanRebel concept, the Raval is an electric hatchback that offer a range of 273 miles for around £25,000.

Everything we know about the Cupra Raval

Dacia Bigster

Dacia Bigster render – front

Dacia is readying a foray into newer, bigger and more expensive segments than it ever has before, starting with the Bigster. It’s around the same size as the Ford Kuga and Peugeot 3008 but will be positioned at a much more affordable price tag – certainly under £40,000 – to attract new customers to the Romanian brand.

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Everything we know about the Dacia Bigster

Dacia Sandero

Electric Dacia Sandero render – front

Dacia CEO Denis Le Vot recently revealed that the Sandero supermini will adopt electric power in 2027 or 2028. It will keep the same value ethos as the brand’s current cars, with a shorter range and longer charge times than rivals to keep prices low.

Everything we know about the electric Dacia Sandero

DS 9 successor

DS electric flagship spy shot – side

DS is preparing to launch a brand new flagship EV, likely replacing the DS 9 saloon that has thus far done little to grow the French premium brand’s volumes. It appears to be a high-riding fastback, similar to sibling brand Peugeot’s new e-3008, and is likewise set to utilise Stellantis’s new STLA Medium platform. That means ranges of more than 400 miles could be on the cards, as well as four-wheel-drive powertrains with nearly 400bhp.

Everything we know about the DS’s electric flagship

Fiat Panda

Fiat Panda concept – front

The new Panda will be electric-only but remain true to the model’s long-running ethos of accessibility and affordability. The City Car concept also implies that the Panda will make a return to its roots stylistically, taking strong inspiration from the original 4x4 of 1983. It’s set to be unveiled in production form this July.

Everything we know about the new Fiat Panda

Ford Gen-E

Ford Gen-E render – front

The electric version of the Ford Puma is expected to have similar specifications to the upcoming E-Transit Courier MPV that uses the same front-driven B2E architecture. That means 100kW charging with a capacity expected to be around 55kWh in capacity, giving a range well north of 200 miles. 

Everything we know about the Ford Gen-E

Ford Mustang 4dr

Ford Mustang 4dr Autocar render

Remember the Ford Falcon? It’s set to return in the coming years, but this time wearing the full-blooded Mustang badge. Ford CEO Jim Farley seeks to expand the muscle car into a brand in its own right, launching an expanded range of variants. These will comprise both affordable, accessible models for traditional buyers, as well as limited-run models that take it further upmarket – broadly mirroring the approach taken by Porsche for the 911. 

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Everything we know about the four-door Ford Mustang

Genesis Neolun

Genesis Neolun front quarter

Genesis previewed a striking new flagship earlier this year with the Neolun concept, said to be inspired by Korean moon jars. It’s a large luxury SUV that’s set to be closely related to the Kia EV9 and the Hyundai Ioniq 7, deploying the same E-GMP architecture and possibly the same range of powertrains too. 

Everything we know about the Genesis Neolun


Gordon Murray Automotive T33 – front

The second supercar from Gordon Murray Automotive is pitched as a “more practical” alternative to the three-seat T50. It drops the T50’s fan-assisted aerodynamics in favour of a more simple passive set-up. Its 3.9-litre Cosworth V12 has also been adapted to improve low-speed torque, with a reduced rev limit of 11,100rpm (down from 12,000rpm). “If you can have only one supercar,” said GMA founder and boss Gordon Murray, “the T33 is designed to be the one you should have.”

Everything we know about the GMA T33 and T33 Spider

Honda 0 Series saloon

Honda 0 Saloon – front

Honda’s 0 Series represents a radical shift in the brand’s approach to EV development, prioritising efficiency, engagement and spaciousness. The first 0 model, previewed by a radically styled saloon concept, will arrive in 2026.

Everything we know about the Honda 0 Series

Honda Civic and Jazz EVs

Honda Civic render – side

The 0 Series will also usher in electric replacements for the Civic and Jazz hatchbacks, with likely towards the end of the decade. Honda CEO Toshihiro Mibe has highlighted their importance, telling Autocar: “To increase volumes, we need more affordable EVs.” The firm hinted at its vision for a small, affordable EV with the Sustaina-C concept that took inspiration from 1981’s original Honda City, which in Europe was known as the Jazz.

Everything we know about the Honda Civic and Jazz EVs

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Honda NSX EV

Honda NSX EV render – front

It’s not just the affordable Hondas that are set to receive a total overhaul but also the NSX. Honda already has an electric sports car at its R&D centre and is said by CEO Mibe to be “steadily proceeding” with its development, which will likely conclude near the end of the decade. Mibe added that it will “have a completely different taste” from any performance car that the Japanese company has launched previously. 

Everything we know about the electric Honda NSX successor

Honda Prelude

Honda Prelude concept – front quarter

Honda confirmed at the 2023 Tokyo motor show that it will revive the Prelude, bringing it back as a sleek hybrid-engined coupé. Honda president and CEO, Toshihiro Mibe, urged the public to “keep your expectations high”. 

Everything we know about the new Honda Prelude

Honda’s Tesla Model 3 rival

Honda saloon Autocar render

Honda has confirmed it is developing a new mass-market saloon as one of seven radical new electric cars it’s bringing to market by 2030. A competitor for the Tesla Model 3, it will stand out for “the joy of driving”, said Honda, having been developed with an emphasis on minimising weight and complexity.

Everything we know about Honda’s Tesla Model 3 rival

Hyundai Ioniq 6 N

Hyundai RN22e front tracking

The follow-up to the acclaimed Hyundai Ioniq 5 N will be a hot version of the brand’s executive saloon. It’s expected to use the same 641bhp dual-motor powertrain and a similarly aggressive aerodynamics package, inspired by that fitted to 2022’s RN22e concept.

Everything we know about the Hyundai Ioniq 6 N


IM L6 – front

You might not have heard of IM, but the new Chinese firm is planning to put a dent in Tesla’s sales in Europe from next year. A sibling brand of MG, its L6 saloon promises market-leading specifications, including near-400kW charging, solid-state batteries and a 776bhp dual-motor powertrain. It will be joined by the LS6 SUV, based on the same platform, and a pair of larger models.

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Everything we know about the IM L6

Ineos Fusilier

Ineos Fusilier – front


The smaller sibling to the Ineos Grenadier will arrive in early 2027 with a choice of battery-electric and range-extender powertrains. It’s promised to match the off-road ability of its bigger sibling but in a more city-friendly package.

Everything we know about the Ineos Fusilier

Jaguar electric GT

Jaguar electric GT render – front

Jaguar’s electric rebirth will begin with a radical four-door GT based on the all-new JEA platform. It will be unveiled in 2024 and go in sale in 2025 at a starting price north of £100,000. 

Everything we know about Jaguar's electric GT

Jaguar electric limousine

Jaguar electric limousine render – front quarter tracking

Autocar exclusively uncovered the news that Jaguar is working on an electric limousine to serve as an indirect replacement to the XJ. Early details suggest it will output more than 450bhp, sprint from 0-62mph in between 3.0sec and 3.8sec, top out at 155mph and offer a range of at least 385 miles.

Everything we know about Jaguar's large electric limo

Jaguar electric SUV

Jaguar electric SUV render – side

Joining the Jaguar GT and limousine will be a Bentley Bentayga-sized luxury SUV. It will be based on the same JEA platform, with a similar divergent design language and long range.

Jeep Recon

Jeep Recon – side

Jeep will get the jump on the electric 4x4 market with the Recon, sitting just below the Wrangler in the firm’s line-up. It’s set to use the STLA Large platform, prioritising off-road capability, rather than luxury. Sales are slated to begin in 2025.

Everything we know about the Jeep Recon

Jeep Wagoneer S

Jeep Wagoneer S front quarter

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Jeep’s first global electric car is aimed squarely at the Tesla Model Y. It’s based on parent firm Stellantis’s new STLA Large platform, fitted with a 100kWh battery that’s said to give a range of more than 300 miles. 

Everything we know about the Jeep Wagoneer S

Jeep Wrangler EV

Jeep Wrangler EV render – side

The iconic Wrangler will receive a radical overhaul in 2028, swapping traditional petrol engines for electric and range-extender powertrains. Unlike the smaller Recon, it will use a traditional body-on-frame chassis, maximising its off-road potential. 

Everything we know about the electric Jeep Wrangler

Kia electric vans

Kia PV5 concept – front

Kia has its sights set on Ford’s massive share of the commercial vehicle market, launching its own range of electric vans over the next couple of years. The PV5 will arrive first, in 2025, sized between the Ford Transit Connect and Transit Custom and targeting a launch price of €35,000 (£30,000). The larger PV7 will follow in 2027, potentially offering four-wheel-drive powertrains and an 800V electrical architecture.

Everything we know about Kia’s commercial vehicles

Kia EV2

Kia EV2 render – front quarter

Kia will launch a European-focused small crossover in 2026, trading the long range and rapid charging speed of its stablemates for a more affordable price tag of around £25,000. 

Everything we know about the Kia EV2

Kia EV4

Kia EV4 concept – front

The spiritual successor to the Kia Stinger will be a high-tech electric saloon designed to maximise aerodynamic efficiency and interior space. It’s set to go on sale alongside the EV2. 

Everything we know about the Kia EV4

Kia EV5

Kia EV5 – front quarter

The Kia EV5 will be an electric alternative to the popular Sportage SUV, with a family-friendly interior design. The rear seat can fold fully flat, for example, and there’s a storage compartment in the boot capable of keeping food and beverages hot or cold. Pricing is expected to open around £40,000.

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Everything we know about the Kia EV5

Lamborghini Lanzador

Lamborghini Lanzador concept front

The four-seat Lanzador concept is our first look at Lamborghini’s first EV, set to arrive in 2028. It’s hailed as a “laboratory on wheels” and features an abundance of sustainable materials, including Merino wool, recycled plastics and carbon strands.

Everything we know about the Lamborghini Lanzador

Lamborghini Huracán successor

Lamborghini Huracan successor rear quarter

The replacement for the Lamborghini Huracán will feature one of the firm’s most powerful engines to date: a turbocharged 4.0-litre V8 putting out a whopping 789bhp and redlining at a screaming 10,000rpm. It will work in tandem with an axial-flux electric motor mounted at the gearbox, sending up to 148bhp to the rear axle. Lamborghini has yet to announce an official figure for the car’s combined power output, but it’s expected to be far north of 900bhp.

Everything we know about the Lamborghini Huracán successor

Lancia Ypsilon HF

Lancia Ypsilon HF – front

Lancia has revived its legendary HF designation for an electric hot hatch based on the new Ypsilon, fitted with the more potent 237bhp motor from sibling brand Abarth’s new 600e. The firm will also return to rallying with the new car, albeit in combustion-engined guise.

Everything we know about the Lancia Ypsilon HF

Land Rover 'baby' Defender

Baby Land Rover Defender render – side

As part of its reorganisation into a ‘House of Brands’, JLR (formerly Jaguar Land Rover) is set to drastically expand its model offering within each of its sub-brands. Defender is expected to launch an entry-level model as a twin to the next-generation Range Rover Evoque, Range Rover Velar and Land Rover Discovery Sport.

Everything we know about the 'baby' Land Rover Defender

Range Rover Electric

Range Rover Electric front quarter

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JLR is putting the finishing touches on the first battery-powered Range Rover, with work said to be focused on optimising the performance of its gearbox, motors and electronics in extreme conditions. The car is promised to be even more capable than its combustion-engined siblings, with electric motors offering significantly quicker responses to changes in terrain. 

Everything we know about the Range Rover Electric

Lexus LF-ZC and LF-ZL

Lexus LF-ZC concept front quarter

Lexus unveiled its future at the Tokyo motor show with the LF-ZC and LF-ZL concepts, a pair of electric flagships premiering a new modular architecture. The production version of each car is set to offer a major increase in electric range – up to 621 miles, in the case of the LF-ZC.

Everything we know about the Lexus LF-ZC and LF-ZL

Lexus LFA successor

Lexus Electrified Sport concept – front quarter

Lexus last year confirmed the electric follow-up to the legendary V10-engined LFA supercar will use a GT3 racing-specification chassis, new electronic steering and even a manual gearbox to boost driver engagement. 

Everything we know about the electric Lexus LFA successor 


LEVC L380 – front

The maker of London’s black cab is expanding to sell practical electric cars to the general public, starting with the L380 MPV. Named after the Airbus A380 airliner, it will offer highly flexible seating for eight. UK sales are slated to begin in 2026.

Everything we know about the LEVC L380

Lotus Type 134

Lotus Type 134 render – front

Lotus’s rival to the Porsche Macan is expected to utilise a variant of the EPA architecture that underpins the Eletre and Emeya, also sharing technologies with those two models. It expects the crossover to account for half of its annual sales by 2028.

Everything we know about the Lotus Type 134

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Lotus Type 135

Electric Lotus Elise render – side

Despite its split from Alpine, Lotus continues to work on the electric follow-up to the legendary Elise. It will be built around the all-new Lightweight Electric Vehicle Architecture (Leva) with mid-mounted batteries, aping the weight distribution of classical mid-engined sports cars.

Everything we know about the Lotus Type 135

Lucid compact saloon

Lucid compact saloon render – side

American EV firm Lucid will look to increase its volumes with a smaller, more affordable sibling to its Air saloon, targeting the Tesla Model 3. It will major on efficiency, featuring advanced battery and motor technologies. It’s expected to arrive around 2027.

Everything we know about Lucid’s Tesla Model 3 rival

Maserati Quattroporte

Maserati Quattroporte render – side

Maserati’s rival for the Porsche Taycan was originally scheduled to launch next year but has been pushed back to 2028 to allow more time to develop its business case. The new Quattroporte is expected to use Stellantis’s STLA Large platform, suggesting power outputs of more than 1000bhp could be on the cards. 

Everything we know about the Maserati Quattroporte

Mazda MX-5

Mazda Iconic SP – front quarter

The centrepiece of Mazda’s Tokyo motor show stand in 2023 provided a vision of the future for the MX-5, featuring a rotary-electric powertrain capable of delivering 370bhp. It’s expected to influence a production car arriving after 2026.

Everything we know about the electric Mazda MX-5 successor

McLaren P1 successor

Electric McLaren P1 render – side

The long-awaited follow-up to Mclaren’s trailblazing hybrid supercar is set to use electric power when it arrives at the end of this decade. It will be comparable weight-wise to the 750S, and “has to outperform what we do on an ICE”, according to CEO Michael Leiters.

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Everything we know about the McLaren P1's electric successor

Mercedes-Benz CLA

Mercedes Concept CLA front

Mercedes is taking the fight back to Audi and BMW with the next-generation CLA, which will adopt electric power for the first time. “Pretty much everything” on the Concept CLA will translate to the production car, according to design boss Gorden Wagener, who highlighted its star-shaped daytime running lights and new light-up grille.

Everything we know about the next Mercedes-Benz CLA

Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door Coupé

Mercedes-AMG.EA prototype front sliding

The replacement for Mercedes-AMG’s high-powered GT 4-Door Coupé will be similarly brutal in a straight line, adopting an electric powertrain whose output could nudge 1000bhp. Prototypes recently hit the road ahead of a 2025 launch.

Everything we know about the electric Mercedes-AMG GT four-door

Mercedes-Benz EQG

Mercedes-Benz EQG render Autocar – front

The electric equivalent of the G-Class promises all the capability of the current combustion-engined 4x4 as well as a series of new technologies, including new battery cells from the ultra-efficient EQXX concept. A torque-vectored quad-motor powertrain promises novel ways to control the EQG, such as the ability to ‘tank turn’ – donutting at a standstill. 

Everything we know about the Mercedes-Benz EQG 

Mercedes-Benz ‘Little G’

Mercedes Little G Autocar render

The expansion of the G-Class range will bring a new ‘Little G’ in 2026. The urban-focused model will be offered solely with electric power, sitting on a bespoke platform that takes learnings from both the entry-level MMA architecture and that used by the full-size G. 

Everything we know about Mercedes-Benz’s ‘Little G’

MG 2

MG 2 render front

MG has confirmed it is working on an electric city car with a target price of around £20,000. It could be named the MG 2 and is expected to go on sale in early 2026.

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Everything we know about MG’s plans for a £20k EV

Nissan GT-R

Nissan Hyper Force concept – front quarter

The current Nissan GT-R has been on sale in various markets since 2007, yet it’s only now that Nissan is beginning to hint at its electric successor with the Hyper Force concept. It delivers 1341bhp through all four wheels and could become the first production car to use solid-state batteries, which Nissan has promised to introduce in 2028.

Everything we know about the Nissan GT-R's electric future

Nissan Juke and Qashqai

Nissan Hyper Punk concept – front quarter

Nissan has confirmed that the replacements to today’s Juke and Qashqai crossovers will go electric and that they will continue to be built in Sunderland – welcome news for the UK’s ailing car industry. 

Polestar 6

Polestar 6 front quarter

The Polestar 6 was initially a dramatic concept car dubbed the O2, but the “overwhelming” positive reception has pushed the firm to put it into production. It will use the same bonded-aluminium platform as the Polestar 5, and is likely to share its 874bhp dual-motor powertrain too. It’s set to arrive in 2026.

Everything we know about the Polestar 6

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Porsche Mission X

Porsche Mission X – front

The Porsche Mission X is a hypercar concept that previews a potential electric successor to the Carrera GT and 918 Spyder, with a possible power output of around 1500bhp. Described by Porsche boss Oliver Blume as a “technology beacon”, it aims to capture the record lap time for a road-legal car at the Nürburgring.

Everything we know about the Porsche Mission X

Porsche 'K1'

Porsche K1 render – front quarter

Porsche will use the Volkswagen Group’s upcoming SSP Sport architecture for a seven-seat luxury SUV positioned above the Cayenne. It has been tipped to receive 920V electricals, with lighter-weight wiring and faster charging than PPE-based models. 

Everything we know about the Porsche 'K1'

Porsche Boxster and Cayman

Porsche E-Boxster camouflaged front quarter

Porsche’s first electric sports car will be the next-generation Boxster and Cayman twins. Testing is currently underway, and Porsche recently confirmed that each model will be built at its Zuffenhausen, Germany, factory on a new ‘flexiline’. This will allow two different generations of the sports car, using two different powertrains, to be built side-by-side.

Everything we know about the electric Porsche Boxster and Cayman

Renault 4

Renault 4ever concept front quarter

The Renault 4 is scheduled to arrive in 2025, reinventing the classic family car as a trendy crossover atop the new Renault 5’s electric underpinnings. It will prioritise practicality to differentiate itself from the supermini, which will come a year earlier.

Everything we know about the new Renault 4

Renault 5

Renault 5 at Geneva motor show – side

The reborn Renault 5 has at last been unveiled in full production form, retaining much of the concept’s charming style. UK deliveries will start in early 2025 at an entry price of around £25,000, which will buy a 40kWh car with 186 miles of range and 121bhp. A 52kWh battery and a 148bhp motor will also be available. 

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Everything you need to know about the new Renault 5

Renault Twingo

Renault Twingo concept front

Renault boss Luca de Meo’s retro revolution continues with a revival of the original Twingo city car. It promises to offer “best-in-class” efficiency of 6.2mpkWh and 75% fewer CO2 emissions over its lifespan than the average ICE car currently sold in Europe. Perhaps best of all, it will be cheap, at less than £17,000. 

Everything we know about the new Renault Twingo

Skoda 7S

Skoda Vision 7S front quarter tracking

Skoda will launch a large seven-seat electric SUV, heavily inspired by the Vision 7S concept, in 2026. The so-called ‘Space’ model will be underpinned by the Volkswagen Group’s MEB architecture and feature a new 86kWh battery, which should deliver a range of around 300 miles.

We drive the Skoda Vision 7S concept

Tesla Model 2

Tesla Model 2 render – front

Recent reports suggest that Tesla will build its long-awaited entry-level electric car, speculatively known as the Model 2, in Berlin. It’s tipped to hit the market at around £21,500, rivalling a wave of new Chinese hatchbacks, including the BYD Dolphin and MG 4 EV.

Everything we know about the Tesla Model 2

Toyota Celica

Toyota Celica render – front quarter

Toyota chairman Akio Toyoda has expressed his desire for the Celica to return, and it’s possible that this could take place as the petrol GR86 is phased out. Such a model would likely use Toyota’s new modular architecture, which underpins the new MR2-style FT-Se concept, with a more traditional ‘front-engine’ coupé bodystyle.

Everything we know about the return of the Toyota Celica

Toyota Compact Cruiser

Toyota Compact Cruiser render Autocar – front

Just as Mercedes is planning a smaller version of its legendary off-roader, Toyota is developing a baby Land Cruiser. It’s expected to sit on an adapted version of the e-TNGA platform that underpins the Toyota bZ4X, with a dual-motor, four-wheel-drive powertrain.

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Everything we know about the Toyota Compact Cruiser

Toyota FT-3e

Toyota FT-3e front

The Toyota FT-3e introduces a new architecture and software platform that are set to transform the brand’s electric cars. The latter, dubbed Arene, will allow for conventional Toyotas to emulate the dynamic feel of some of its most divergent vehicles, such as simulating the power delivery of the old Lexus LFA’s naturally aspirated V10.

Everything we know about the Toyota FT-3e

Toyota FT-Se

Toyota FT-Se front quarter

The FT-Se concept is our first look at the future of Toyota’s Gazoo Racing sub-division. It’s an MR2-style electric sports car similar in proportion to today’s GR Supra and features the same Arene operating software as the FT-3e that allows its dynamic character to evolve with updates. It may also offer Toyota’s simulated manual gearbox to improve driver engagement. 

Everything we know about the Toyota FT-Se

Volkswagen ID 2 and ID GTI

Volkswagen ID GTI concept front

This could be one of the most important electric cars arriving in the coming years. The ID 2all concept is a Polo-sized electric supermini with interior space to match the Golf, thanks to the new MEB Entry platform. It’s promised to go on sale at less than £22,000, thanks in large part to its use of a 38kWh lithium-iron-phosphate battery. It could also spawn the first electric GTI, as previewed by the ID GTI concept.

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Everything we know about the Volkswagen ID 2 and ID GTI

Volkswagen Scirocco EV

Volkswagen Scirocco render – front

Volkswagen’s sporty compact coupé could return as a twin of the next Audi TT and Porsche Boxster/Cayman, as well as the Cupra Darkrebel concept, a high-ranking insider has told Autocar. It would sit above a future electric Golf in the brand’s line-up from around 2028.

Everything we know about the next Volkswagen Scirocco

Volvo ES90

Volvo ES90 render Autocar – side

Volvo will this year unwrap its first electric saloon, replacing its S90 flagship. It’s expected to use the same SPA2 platform as the new Volvo EX90 and Polestar 3 large SUVs, with a big 111kWh battery delivering more than 370 miles of range. 

Everything we know about the Volvo ES90

Charlie Martin

Charlie Martin Autocar
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As a reporter, Charlie plays a key role in setting the news agenda for the automotive industry. He joined Autocar in July 2022 after a nine-month stint as an apprentice with sister publication, What Car?. He's previously contributed to The Intercooler, and placed second in Hagerty’s 2019 Young Writer competition with a feature on the MG Metro 6R4

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HiPo 289 10 June 2024

What EV slowdown?  UK EV sales were up in May YOY.  The so-called EV slowdown is at best a myth and at worst simply oil company propaganda. Either way, Autocar should stop repeating erroneous statements. 

Oldson 5 March 2024

I could see a lot of once-great European car makers fading into history if this is the utter tat they plan on releasing in the next 5 years. 

HiPo 289 4 March 2024

This transition is definitely coming and falling battery costs will be the lever that tips the market.  At the end of the day, an EV is at least 3x more efficient in terms of energy use than a combustion car. Combustion engines, in the real world, waste up to 80% of their energy as heat. This means that as soon as falling battery costs make new EVs as cheap to buy as new combustion cars, the lower running costs of EVs will drive the market to flip in their favour.  This will happen with or without governments, or oil company propaganda, or Russian freak-outs. The technology will drive electrification, just as technology drove horses being replaced by cars.  As ever, the best strategy is to get ahead of the curve, not wait for it to bite you.