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Limited-run reworking of the original Defender brings 399bhp V8, off-road upgrades and famous livery

Land Rover Classic is building 25 heavily modified versions of the original Defender, inspired by the formidable Camel Trophy off-road expeditions, and all models sold within three days of going on sale. 

The Camel Trophy took place annually from 1980 to 1998. With the exception of the inaugural event, teams raced factory-supplied, modified Land Rover models across some of the harshest terrain in the world, stopping to take part in special tasks including timed rally stages, winching trials and orienteering. 

Priced from £195,000 and built in both three-door 90 and five-door 110 forms, Land Rover Classic's modern tribute to the competition is based on the Defenders that starred in the event for much of the 1980s.

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The Defender Works V8 Trophy shares a 5.0-litre petrol V8 and eight-speed ZF automatic gearbox with the limited-run Defender Works V8, packing 399bhp and 380lb ft for a significant performance increase over the original-specification 4x4s.

It is finished in a retro-inspired shade of Eastnor Yellow with black contrasting wheel arches, bonnet and tailgate, while a 'Heritage'-style front grille and 16in colour-coded steel wheels are a further nod to the Defender's origins. Customers can also specify personalised competition graphics.

Like the original competition cars, the V8 Trophy gains extensive upgrades to help it cope on rough terrain, including a winch, a heavy-duty roof rack, underbody protection, LED spotlights and chunky off-road tyres.

Upgrades inside include black leather upholstery with contrasting yellow stitching, Recaro sports seats and Land Rover Classic's infotainment system with integrated sat-nav and smartphone compatibility functions. 

All buyers are invited to a three-day off-roading expedition at Eastnor Castle later this year, where they will drive their car for the first time in a series of challenges "inspired by famous global adventures and competitions spanning more than seven decades of Land Rover production".

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Expert off-roaders will be on hand to provide one-to-one tuition and guidance, and a 'grand prize' - to be unveiled later this year - will be awarded to the event's winner. 

Land Rover Classic director Dan Pink said: “The Land Rover Defender has always been more than just a vehicle; its engineering capability and suitability for overland expedition and all-terrain competition means it’s renowned with getting away from it all. The new Land Rover Trophy will bring this to life for a new generation of adventurers.

“We’re looking forward to an exciting and memorable event, full of camaraderie, and continuing the Land Rover Trophy legend for years to come. Seeing the silhouette of these vehicles which you’ll instantly know as a Land Rover, traversing the hills at Eastnor, will be a defining moment of the adventure.”


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Red Merle 8 April 2021

Owning the number plate TR10PHE, i wonder if one of those minted owners would care to make me an offer...

scotty5 21 February 2021

The bit I really like is it's like an ordinary defender with a roof rack, spotlights and underbody protection. That lot should cost about £500 in Halfords.

But seriously, thumbs up to JLR if they're building what these people want. It's likely that anyone who's prepared to part with £200k for one of these probably doesn't know how much money they have, in fact they may not even know they've bought one - it'll be someone acting on their behalf who sees it as a fun thing their provider might like. Getting the car scratched...  is that going to bother them? You just buy another panel and have it repainted. I'm sure JLR will be more than happy to supply one for...?  Well name whatever price they want, these people will pay it.

What gets me tho is that with limited edition cars, some people see them as an investment. Can anyone seriously see this happening with this car? Let's move the clock forward 20years, I'd have thought an older example will be worth more than these things.

289 20 February 2021

That was predictable, fools and their money easily parted!

If you want to have some fun around the Eastnor Castle track you would probably have more fun in £10k's worth of beaten-up old series 1/2 snotter. Certainly wont be worried about bodwork.

Since they are only making 25, and even if they are pocketing 60% of the purchase price as profit.....this isnt going to be the 'good move' by JLR as one reader suggested. This isnt going to 'save' JLR's butts financially.