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Electric estate brings larger boot capacity and 256 miles of range

The Vauxhall Astra Sports Tourer has gained the same electric powertrain as its hatchback sibling, offering a range of 256 miles between charges.

The estate is significantly more capacious than the regular Astra Electric hatchback, increasing luggage space from 352 to 516 litres. This increases to 1553 litres with the rear seats folded down.

Under the skin, the two EVs are all but identical, with a 54kWh battery and a single motor sending 153bhp and 199lb ft of torque through the front axle.

Vauxhall said the focus for the set-up was efficiency, claiming an impressive 4.2mpkWh. 

Recharging is possible at rates up to 100kW, with 20-80% taking 26 minutes. 

Other than a two-mile hit to the range, the performance of the estate is identical to that of the hatchback, dispatching the 0-62mph sprint in 9.2sec.

Vauxhall Astra Sports Tourer Electric side

Inside, each car receives a 10.0in infotainment touchscreen and an equally sized digital instrument display. 

The Sports Tourer Electric is slightly more expensive than the hatch: entry-level Design trim costs £39,995, a premium of £2550. GS trim adds black exterior accents, a 360deg camera and adaptive cruise control and costs £42,445. Range-topping Ultimate brings adaptive headlights and a panoramic sunroof for £45,505.

The Sports Tourer is faced with scant competition: the MG 5 SW EV (£30,995) was for a long time the only mainstream electric estate, but it has now been joined by the Peugeot E-308 SW – a close relation of the Astra.

Vauxhall Astra Sports Tourer Electric interior


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However, it's the hatchback that's expected to dominate Astra Electric sales and, along with the facelifted Corsa Electric supermini, draw in new customers, Vauxhall UK MD James Taylor said in May.

“It’s really important for us to have an electric Astra in the line-up,” he said. “We’ve dominated and won in the segments we’ve launched the pure-electric vehicles in, whether that’s the B- or B-SUV segment. [And the Astra Electric] really gives us a big springboard into that more sizable opportunity of the C-segment EVs. So it’s going to unlock quite a lot of openings for us.” 

Offering one of its best sellers with an on-trend electric powertrain is key to Vauxhall’s strategy for remaining competitive, explained Taylor. 

“We want to be the leading EV manufacturer,” he said. “We’re now very much electric-first.

"Electric has given all brands the chance to reset, and we wanted to take that opportunity as well.”

Additional reporting by Will Rimell

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artill 22 November 2023

As soon as the road tax, tax break that EVs currently get comes to an end  in the near future you will only need to add metallic paint to end up with £600 a year tax to pay on your eco wagon. Thats not going to help shift them

xxxx 22 November 2023

So what you're saying is get an EV quick as possible to take advantage, good advice. 

Is it Just Me 21 November 2023

I applaud Vauxhall / Stellantis for sticking with the estate format in reality a much more practical efficient and useful vehicle for many people rather than a big blotted SUV but my goodness really nearly 40K for a medium sized family estate how times have changed.

Unfortunately even with all the clever tech and being very practical for many cant see them shifting many other than at discount to fleet buyers private buyers who might have bought an Astra estate in the past certainly priced out with this one.       

scotty5 21 November 2023

Looking at previous replies below, both predictions have proved accurate.

1: ICE ban has been delayed and

2: I've yet to see an Astra EV.

There will have to be siginificant discounts if they want to sell this Astra EV. Despite the text saying the manufacturer expects to sell way more hatchbacks, I'd have thought due to competition, their hatch is a non starter and it'll be the estate that will sell in equal if not greater numbers. But then there's the elephant in the room - estates are not selling. I find still find it crazy that Vauxhall expect this thing to sell at such a price.

And assuming the chancellor keeps to the 2025 VED fees for EV, it's inconceivable why anyone would chose this estate. 

That said, I think that 2025 date and / or those proposed EV duties will not go ahead.