7 November 2019

Meet two of the hottest supercars of the moment.

The Lamborghini Huracan Evo is new this year and we love it’s naturally aspirated engine, its sense of theatre and drama - it’s all that a supercar should be. But is it keen enough to drive on a circuit?

Then there's the McLaren 600LT. Undoubtedly sharp to drive, the turbocharged 600LT is one of McLaren’s most focussed and enjoyable cars to date. But can it shake off a Huracan Evo on track, and more importantly, can it provide more fun while it’s trying?

And what of the elephant in the room, the car that isn’t available for comparison testing yet, the Ferrari F8 Tributo? Join Matt Prior and Mauro Calo as they take the pair onto the beautiful Anglesey circuit and find out.


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Boris9119 7 November 2019

Well Said jer

Could not agree more jer. The 'established' motoring journalists and their paymasters are stuck in this Clarkson/Top Gear thing that started 25yrs ago or so. I don't own a Huracan Evo or a Macca, but I have close friends that do. A  few of them (minority) do limited track days. None of them spend their time 'sliding' and smoking their tires, either track or on the road. These reviews could be far more informative to the buyers and potential buyers of these cars if they dealt more with the real day to day issues. 

jer 7 November 2019

Who slides these things

Around road or track anyway. Even if rich it's a pointless shredding of a couple of grand of tyres. Mybe in Dubai in car parks at night? Surprised one didn't do a fastest lap.

lamcote 7 November 2019

Couldn't care less...

.... which one is quicker. Which one is most fun?