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The final major motor show of 2018 is under way - here are all the new car reveals as they happen, live from LA

Welcome to Autocar's extended coverage of the 2018 Los Angeles motor show, the last major show of the automotive calendar. 

This year's show officially opens its doors on the 30th of November, with a varied mix of SUVs, V8s and electric cars due to be revealed at the uniquely Californian event. Manufacturers including Porsche, Mazda, Mercedes and Audi are all in attendance, with announcements expected throughout the week.

Read to catch up on all the news as it breaks from the show, as well as insight and comment from our reporters on the ground.

Thursday 29 November, 15.00

Lots of stories still to come from LA, as Rachel Burgess talks to Coventry-based engineering firm Envisage to find out why they're opening branch in California. You might not have heard of them, but they're responsible for the David Brown Speedback GT, among other bespoke creations.

Skoda timed the first photo of the interior of the upcoming Scala hatchback to piggyback on the wave of new car news. Previously shown in sketch form but seen in the metal here, it's the first undisguised look we've had of the Ford Focus rival ahead of an official reveal in December.

Scala dashboard

Audi, meanwhile, has been talking about cars other than the ones on its LA show stand, with word coming from editor Mark Tisshaw that the new A3 hatchback will feature 'big time' changes when it arrives next year.

Thursday 29 November, 11.00

Huge debate overnight on the Autocar Twitter feed. The subject? Jeep's Gladiator pick-up truck. Plenty of love out there for the Wrangler-inspired design, but others have (perhaps less flatteringly) compared it to Hummer's ill-fated H3, a Mercedes G-Wagen, and the unfortgettable Homer-designed car from the Simpsons.


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Now in its third generation, we find out if the bigger, cleverer and more mature Mini can still entertain like it predecessors did

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Wednesday 28 November, 23.00

It’s been far harder to make a low-roofed electric car than an SUV, according to Audi exterior design chief Andreas Mindt. With the batteries in the floor, the raised driving position of an SUV makes them easy to package and hide – yet that’s not true of a low-slung model like the E-Tron GT concept. Audi, though, thinks it’s cracked it, and looking at the E-Tron GT, one of the more visually interesting Audis of recent times, I’d agree.

91 Audi etron gt concept official reveal static side

If the Walking Dead ever came true in real life, Mark Tisshaw knows what car showroom he’d head to for to loot: Jeep, for its new Gladiator.

Jeep gladiator la show reveal stand 1

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There's always an overlap of around one year between generations of Porsche 911. That's why there's a new 991-generation GT2 RS Clubsport racer at the LA show alongside the all-new 992-generation road car. The idea with the Clubsport, says Porsche GT boss Frank Walliser, is to give buyers a powerful turn-key racer than the existing Cayman GT4 Clubsport.

Porsche 911 gt2 rs clubsport 2 0

Wednesday 28 November, 22.30

Kia is hoping to inject some much-needed cool factor into the second generation Soul, which will only be sold in EV form. It certainly went for an impossible to miss colour on its LA show example, which is currently blinding passers by on the company's stand.


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Get used to that big black front-end on future Audi electric cars. It plays a dual role of providing visual differentiation to Audi's conventional models, but also the ability to hide all the sensors (which are black) that are increasingly needed on electrified and automated cars.

93 Audi etron gt concept official reveal static front 0

"The Jeep Gladiator feels like the automotive form of Vinnie Jones," says editor Tisshaw. "Absolute Nails."

Jeep gladiator nails

Wednesday 28 November, 22.00

Audi's big LA show reveal was a concept car, but what an important concept: the E-tron GT will share a platform with the Porsche Taycan, and is set to become the brand's flagship EV when it goes into production.

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92 Audi etron gt concept official reveal static frontleft

Why bespoke models for Audi's first electric cars? As they can be sold globally, so says Audi exterior design chief Andreas Mindt. We'll start seeing more regionalised EVs in the coming years, including a new MEB-based compact model for Europe, but for its launch phase Audi is sticking with models like the E-Tron Quattro and E-Tron GT that have global appeal.

Wednesday 28 November, 21.30

Yes, everything is bigger in the US. This is the Karlmann King concept, and it manages to make the Cadillac Escalade look compact and lithe. I have no idea what it's meant to be, but it's drawing people in nonetheless.

Karlmann king concept

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Making electric cars doesn’t mean radically changing proportions, so says Audi exterior design chief Andreas Mindt. By making a short bonnet, you end with a bigger windscreen – and that means the car is more likely to heat up like a greenhouse, meaning the air-con needs to rob the battery of power it could be using to boost range. “We’ll look back at some designs now and laugh in the future,” says Mindt, who intriguingly reckons the Land Rover Defender’s lack of glass, size and shape makes it the best candidate for an electric car.

Wednesday 28 November, 21.00

Mercedes is the latest to pull back the curtain on a hardcore two-seater sports car, in the shape of the GT R Pro. Inspired by GT3 and GT4 racing versions of the GT R, the Pro gains motorsport-influenced suspension, improved aero and some distinctive visual extras.

Mercedes gt r pro 2

Spotted: Audi’s exterior design boss (and design chief Marc Lichte just out of shot) checking out the competition on the Mazda stand.

Audi spotted at mazda

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we were there talking to Mazda design chief Maeda-san about the new Mazda3. He admitted that the sculpted body of the model which has no hard lines proved very difficult to stamp into shape.

Wednesday 28 November, 20.30

Some interesting stats from VW on the subject of electric vans, off the back of its US debut for the ID Buzz Cargo concept at the show. It says the American population had 11.7 billion parcels delivered last year, an average of 37 each — delivered by vans that contribute some 17% of the nation’s pollution and congestion cost. As such, it thinks the market to go electric here is clear.

Vw id buzz

One new VW confirmed for next year is the five-seat version of the Atlas, which has been named today as Atlas Cross Sport. There’s no chance of a UK launch but it will help bolster VW’s SUV ranks further in the US, where its sales mix has gone from just 18% SUVs to 46% SUVs in the past year. VW still had time for a sly dig at GM, saying that it still sees a relevance for small saloons in helping bring younger buyers to the brand.

Wednesday 28 November, 20.00

Jeep's Wrangler-based pick-up truck, the Gladiator, is sure to prove popular amongst American showgoers. It retains the smaller off-roaders ability to cope on the rough stuff, but finds room for a loading bed that can carry up to 725kg, and has a 4370kg towing capacity.

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92 Jeep gladiator official reveal bed capacity

Jeep appeared to have forgotten it might need more than one example of the Gladiator on its show stand, though - news editor Lawrence Allan spotted this one being hurriedly rushed through the show crowds.

Jeep gladiator show floor oops

Chevrolet's stand is huge, but largely devoid of press and punters. Perhaps indicative of General Motors' problems at the moment. Has the US fallen out of love with one of its most iconic brands?

Chevrolet stand

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Remember the Vauxhall Cascada? It was canned in the UK earlier this year, but is rebadged as a Buick in the US and still features near the front of its show stand.

Buick cascada

Wednesday 28 November, 19.30

Porsche already had one of the biggest reveals of this year's show with the new 911, but it also made sure to give some of the spotlight to the old model. The track-only Clubsport edition of the already hardcore GT2 RS was officially announced during the show, with more power than the road-going version and a stripped out interior built purely for racing.

93 Porsche gt2 rs clubsport reveal track 0

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Seen below is a new Range Rover Evoque, but not the new Range Rover Evoque. Despite being such an LA-friendly car and having been revealed last week, the new Evoque isn’t here today as its US launch is still the best part of a year away. So it was decided to keep the baying American public away from it for a while yet.

Range rover evoque old

Lexus is showing a customised version of each of its models in the show lobby. Lawrence Allan was strangely drawn to this slammed UX, complete with garish paintjob and bike rack.

Lexus ux custom la front

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Wednesday 28 November, 19.00

Under this cover is Mercedes-AMG's attempt to draw attention away from the new 911 with an updated AMG GT. The rear wing shows it's clearly a GT R, but it looks bigger than before. Could there be a more hardcore version underneath? It'll be revealed in a few hours.

Amg gt r curtain

We’ve become so accustomed to sharp lines on new cars as manufacturers show off their production tolerances in dealing with sheet metal, that the smooth, uninterrupted surfaces of the new Mazda 3 actually take you back. It makes the hatchback look a bit frumpy and underdone, as it turns out, yet is nicely suited to the profile of the saloon.

Mazda3 2 0

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The new Mazda's rather clever compression-ignition engine promises to breathe new life into petrol powertrains thanks to improved economy and performance. While talk of electric vehicles is everywhere at LA, Mazda is looking at others options, such as this engine, to face the future.

Mazda3 saloon 1

Wednesday 28 November, 18.30

"We can debate the importance of motor shows today until we're blue in the face," says news editor Allen, "But this show, based in the heart of downtown LA, still feels fresh and relevant. Of course, there isn't as many UK relevant debuts here as a show like Geneva, but there's still plenty of European brand presence."

La motor show generic

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Meanwhile, Mark Tisshaw thinks the new RAV4 is "the best-looking new era Toyota yet. Interesting but not garish, it seems right-sized for Europe and has the hybrid tech that could allow it to thrive as diesel sales continue to slump." We drive it later this week.

Toyota rav4

Subaru, however, continues to baffle. Tiny in Europe but vast in the US, Subaru probably needs to make more of a play of its off-road and ‘lifestyle’ ability to make itself more relevant to European buyers. As it stands, the cars are impressively engineered yet wholly uninspiring to drive. But while it’s making so much hay in the US, Subaru will carry on its own way.


Subaru crosstrek front

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On the plus side, Subaru's stand has one surreal addition: a (very cute according to Rachel Burgess) dog. It’s presumably to showcase how the maker’s cars are perfect for an active dog-owner lifestyle, or something...

Subaru doggo

Wednesday 28 November, 18.00

Everything’s bigger in America, including the intimidation factor of logos on car show stands:

Toyota stand

For something a little closer to home, Rachel Burgess has been speaking to Envisage, the Coventry-based auto engineering outfit, which is expanding in the US and currently talking to 15 start-ups in California about potential projects. They observed that start-ups are much more open to collaboration and sharing the credit than traditional OEMs, with whom you’d never get a name check on projects.

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There's also a stunning collection of old Beetles in the plaza here, presumably to celebrate the end of the iconic car’s production.

Vw beetles la motor show 5

From old to new... this Infiniti Prototype 10 concept was first shown in August, but still, it stands out strikingly around endless SUVs and saloons at the show.

Infiniti concept

Wednesday 28 November, 17.30

Editor Mark Tisshaw spent his first few moments on the show floor at the stand of electric start up Rivian:

"Most relevant car of the show? That’ll be the Rivian R1S. A start up that has launched with a new car (and a truck) rather than empty promises, Rivian is bang on the trend with its big-range electric SUV. One to watch."

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Rivian r1s

"The Rivian R1T is a genuine first, too: an electric pick-up truck. the R1S SUV might be the most relevant car, but this is the most interesting. It's a truck the details of which have really been thought of, from the huge towing capacity to the hidden, useful, usable storage dotted all over the truck’s orifices. It launches in the UK in early 2021."

Rivian r1t

"These displays show off the size and usability of the storage space on the R1T truck between the rear doors and rear wheels. Every square inch of the truck is packaged to have a use, which shows the depth of engineering that has gone into the truck."

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Rivian storage demo

Wednesday 28 November, 17.00

"It’s still early in LA, so there’s a quiet humdrum around the place" says Rachel Burgess. "That’s until you get to the BMW stand, where a crowd is gathering for its press conference. As far as we know, there’s no surprises, but the X7 will make its public debut here - and it’s an important market for the large SUV."

Bmw stand pre press conference

"The Ford Edge ST isn’t one for Europe, yet fascinating none the less" says editor Tisshaw. "Ford has gone all out on its Performance models, even to the point where it launches one seemingly wholly unsuited to the ST treatment in the rather uninspiring Edge. A fast Ford too far?"

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Ford edge st

And finally, an unusual stand: it’s Volvo’s yet there are no cars... read why here

Volvo stand no cars

Wednesday 28 November, 11.00

Honda's North American division designed and built the new Passport SUV, which is aimed primarily at the American market - so it makes sense to debut at LA. The mid-size model sits between the CR-V and Pilot, and has a more rugged, off-road vibe that should appeal to drivers with more active family lifestyles.

Honda passport la stand front

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Toyota, meanwhile, has pulled back the curtain on an all-wheel drive variant of the Prius. The Prius Hybrid AWD-i features an extra electric motor that can send power to the rear wheels for better extra traction when pulling away, and to compensate for low grip at speeds up to 44mph.

1 Toyota prius 1

Wednesday 28 November, 10.00

While the show doesn't officially open until the 30th, the last week has already seen a flurry of announcements, culminating in last night's official unveiling of the eighth-generation Porsche 911

News editor Lawrence Allan says that lots of purists are up in arms because the new 911 won't be available to order with a manual gearbox for about another twelve months. "Perhaps those purists should put their money where their mouth is? Over 85% of 911s globally are sold with a PDK."

97 Porsche 911 992 official reveal press rear

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The other major overnight reveal was the all-new Mazda 3, which will be coming to the UK in hatchback and saloon forms. The hatchback appears to closely follow the kai concept, which made its debut at the 2017 Tokyo motor show.

"Of the night's two reveals, we all know which one most people are excited about - and understandably so" says Digital Editor Rachel Burgess, "but it’s the Mazda3’s design which is arguably the more original of the two..."

Mazda3 la reveal

Bentley, meanwhile, announced its drop-top Continental GTC ahead of the show. The convertible is just 0.1sec slower to 60mph than the coupe, despite weighing an extra 160kg. Customers can also spec their fabric roof in tweed for the first time. 

Dsc 8489 0A newcomer to LA, electric car startup Rivian announced two models before the show officially began. The R1S is a seven-seater SUV built to compete with a Range Rover on size, and a Tesla Model X on range, with a promised 420 miles per charge from the highest capacity 180kWh battery pack.

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Perhaps more interesting, though, is the R1T - a go-anywhere pickup truck that runs on the same 'skateboard' chassis. With electric motors powering each wheel meaning no need for differentials or driveshafts, the extra space has allowed for clever configurations that unlock more storage for drivers. 

98 Rivian r1t reveal hero side

And finally, Italian design house Pininfarina announced the latest developments on its automotive arm's debut hypercar. The PF0 will be one of the fastest road-legal cars ever built, with an 1800bhp electric powertrain designed with help from Rimac. A '75% complete' model was shown to the motoring press ahead of a public unveiling at next year's Geneva motor show.

Pinin pf0 turin 398

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LA motor show: What's on display

Audi R8

The facelifted version of Audi's mid-engined supercar is set to make its public debut in LA.

The German brand has already revealed a series of mid-life updates for the Audi R8, including exterior revisions, a power boost and tweaks to improve handling. Visual changes are subtle, but the redesigned front grille and enlarged air intakes behind the door refresh the look of the three-year-old McLaren 570S rival

Audi r8 2018 303

Audi E-tron GT

Due for release in 2020, the E-tron GT will go up against the Tesla Model S P100D and Porsche Taycan in the electric sports saloon segment. 

It's expected be revealed in concept form in LA. Range is understood to be similar to that of the E-tron SUV’s 248 miles, but the GT will aim to cut the larger car’s 5.5sec 0-60mph time almost in half to remain competitive with its direct rivals.

Audi a9 render final

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Bentley Continental GT Convertible

Spotted in testing at the Nürburgring earlier this year, the new Bentley Continental GT Convertible is set to make its debut in LA. 

Although the convertible is due to be launched exclusively with the W12 engine that already powers the coupé, a lighter V8 version will follow. The new model swaps the its predecessor's Volkswagen Phaeton underpinnings for those of the Porsche Panamera, in an effort to make it Bentley's sportiest drop-top yet. 

Sb1 1809


BMW’s range-topping SUV will be making its public debut at the LA motor show. The largest model in BMW’s revamped line-up, the seven-seater will take on the Land Rover Discovery and Mercedes-Benz GLS

With prices starting from £72,155 for the entry-level xDrive30d, the X7 is aimed at luxury-driven markets in regions such as the Middle East and China. As such, four-zone air conditioning and electric seats all round come as standard.

1630204 P90326032 highres the first ever bmw x

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BMW M340i

Making its debut in Los Angeles is the latest variant of BMW’s hotly anticipated new 3 Series. Powered by a 369bhp 3.0-litre straight six engine, the new M340i will be capable of 0-62mph in 4.4sec. It will make use of an M-tuned chassis and xDrive four-wheel drive, making it the first regular 3 Series variant to be sold with BMW's performance sub-brand preceding its model number.

Geared more towards everyday use than the M3, the M340i will come with a number of autonomous driving features and an increased range of optional upgrades.

P90323745 highres the all new bmw 3 se 1

BMW 8 Series Convertible

BMW is diversifying its luxury offerings with the new 8 Series Convertible. Featuring four seats, a multi-layered fabric roof and 350 litres of boot space, the new grand tourer fills the BMW gap left by the axed 6 Series.

The 8 Series will be available with a 3.0-litre six-cylinder diesel engine or a 523bhp petrol V8, both of which are good for a limited 155mph. 

8 Series convertible

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BMW iNext

BMW is adding an SUV to its portfolio of electric vehicles. Joining the BMW i3 hatchback and i8 sports car, the production version of the iNext will go on sale in 2021. The German car maker has claimed a 0-62mph time of roughly four seconds and a competitive range of 380 miles between charges. 


Ford Edge ST

The first SUV to receive Ford's ST treatment, the US-only 2019 Edge ST will be shown in near-production guise in LA. 

With a claimed 335bhp from its 2.7-litre petrol V6, the five-seat Edge ST will feature variable four-wheel drive and a number of styling elements carried over the Fiesta and Focus hot hatches.

1504000 2019 Ford edge st 1

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Honda Passport

Appearing at LA for the first time will be Honda's new American-built Passport SUV.

Sitting above the CR-V in the company's mid-size SUV offering, the Passport is described by Honda as a "personal, powerful and off-road-capable SUV". Expect the Passport to sit atop a four-wheel drive platform, with a focus on driver comfort and practicality. 

19passport teaser 02

Hyundai Palisade

Hyundai is set to reveal its newly named Palisade three-row SUV in LA.

The all-new 2020 Palisade will be larger and more luxurious than the latest Santa Fe, and although details are scarce, it can be expected to share its underpinnings with Kia’s upcoming Telluride luxury SUV. 

Hyundai palisade teaser

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Jeep Gladiator

Jeep’s Wrangler-based pick-up truck will be revealed without camouflage for the first time in LA.

Images allegedly showing the model were leaked from the brand's media website on the 15 November, suggesting the front is nearly identical to the Wrangler until after the C-pillar, where a 5ft-long load bed has been added. 

The utility vehicle’s debut marks the first time Jeep has produced a truck since 1992. Although it's unlikely to come to the UK, the Gladiator marks the beginning of Jeep’s diversification into other markets, with CEO Mike Manley promising upcoming electric and autonomous vehicles. 

Jeep gladiator leaked photo 1

Kia Soul

The next version of the electric Soul compact crossover will make its debut in LA.

Kia is remaining tight-lipped about the unveiling, but spy shots of the model in testing around Europe indicate a similar design to the previous model. The EV version will use the powertrain from the Kia e-Niro, with a 39kWh battery. Combustion-powered variants aren't planned for sale in European markets. 

Kia soul ev spy

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Mazda 3

Mazda is bringing an all-new 3 hatchback and saloon to California. Details are scarce, but spy shots of the model in testing suggest it will bear a close resemblance to the Kai concept of 2017.

Where the Kai had only four seats, the production 3 will bump up capacity to five. The design appears to take cues from Mazda’s Skyactiv-X family, meaning the styling will likely echo that of the Mazda CX-3 crossover.

Mazda 3 1 0

Mercedes-Benz AMG GT

Mercedes-AMG will be unveiling an updated version of its GT two-seater. 

The sports car was spotted testing earlier this year, sporting a larger front grille and revised headlight styling among other subtle design updates. Mercedes is likely to include a more powerful twin-turbocharged petrol V8 as part of the four-year-old GT's mid-life refresh, in a bid to challenge the segment-leading Porsche 911

Amg gt facelift

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Nissan Maxima

The 2019 Nissan Maxima is set to appear in LA, ahead of a December launch.

The US-only four-door saloon will receive a mid-life facelift, incorporating a redesigned front end and rear lights, but is expected to retain its 300bhp 3.5-litre petrol V6.


Porsche Panamera GTS

Autocar has already driven the sportier variant of Porsche’s luxury grand tourer, but LA will host the second-generation Panamera GTS’s public debut. 

Now sporting a turbocharger and rear-biased four-wheel drive, the "unnaturally athletic" GTS produces 454bhp from its 4.0-litre petrol V8 and is capable of a top speed of 181mph. 

Panamera gts 386 2

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Porsche 911

Sightings of the eighth-generation Porsche 911 sports car have revealed a more muscular design, informed by the 997-era 911 Speedster and the recent Mission E concept. All 992-era 911s will be turbocharged, with the most powerful 603bhp Turbo S E-Hybrid capable of nearly 200mph. 

There will be 24 available variants of the 911 by 2020, with petrol-electric powertrains forming an integral part of the line-up as the car takes on the Jaguar Jaguar F-Type

Porsche 992


Rivian R1T

As part of Michigan-based Rivian's drive to launch the world's first range of zero-emission adventure vehicles, the company will be revealing an all-electric pick up truck in Los Angeles.

Sitting atop the company's trademark 'skateboard' platform, the R1T utility vehicle will, Rivian says, demonstrate that "that electric vehicle technology is now able to deliver durable, long-range on- and off-road capability to consumers". The model is claimed to be capable of a 400-mile range and a 0-60mph time of less than three seconds.

Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid

Subaru of America has introduced its first ever plug-in hybrid model, the Crosstrek Hybrid, which will make its show debut in LA and then arrive in dealerships across the US towards the end of this year.

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A variant of the brand's third-best-selling model in the US, the Crosstrek Hybrid features new technology and unique design elements. Using a 2.0-litre boxer engine coupled to an integrated electric motor, Subaru says the new model is capable of 90mpg on the combined cycle and 17 miles on electric power alone.

Crosstrek hybrid

Toyota Prius

Toyota is set to reveal the 2019 Toyota Prius in Los Angeles, with an early preview hinting at the availability of a four-wheel drive system for the first time outside of Japan’s domestic market. 

A teaser image of the car crossing a snowy landscape and sporting roof bars indicates a potentially more rugged variant of the hybrid hatchback. Toyota's E-Four system has been available in the Prius’s home market since the release of the fourth-generation model in 2015.  

Toyota prius debut

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Volkswagen Beetle

Volkswagen says goodbye to the car that started it all with two limited editions of its outgoing third-generation Beetle.

The Final Edition SE and Final Edition SEL will feature exclusive equipment upgrades, unique colours and new interior trim options. Volkswagen has said that releasing a new variant of the retro-inspired Beetle would not be in line with its planned development for the universal MEB platform, so it has made the decision to axe the car from its 2019 line-up. 

Beetle final edition

Volkswagen ID Buzz Cargo

Although it's not confirmed, the Volkswagen ID Buzz Cargo concept is likely to be in attendance at LA.

Sitting atop the electric MEB platform, the latest member of Volkswagen’s electric ID family is capable of 341 miles on a single charge. The van can carry a maximum of 800kg and has a power output of 198bhp from a motor that sends power to all four wheels. 

Id buzz cargo


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RednBlue 13 November 2018

911 vs. F-Type

The new 911 will take on the Jaguar F-Type in the same way Barcelona could take on Watford. 

Don't you realize that such a pro-JLR bias is openly ridiculous? 

Jeremy 16 November 2018

@ RednBlue

RednBlue wrote:

The new 911 will take on the Jaguar F-Type in the same way Barcelona could take on Watford. 

Don't you realize that such a pro-JLR bias is openly ridiculous? 

It's really very sad, isn't it?!

SheldonCooper 28 November 2018


Actually, the F-type marginally out sold the 911 last year in the UK so the comparison is apt.

FMS 28 November 2018

SheldonCooper wrote:

SheldonCooper wrote:

Actually, the F-type marginally out sold the 911 last year in the UK so the comparison is apt.


You should have noted that not all F-Types are 911 competitors.

Rodester 28 November 2018

FMS wrote:

FMS wrote:

SheldonCooper wrote:

Actually, the F-type marginally out sold the 911 last year in the UK so the comparison is apt.


You should have noted that not all F-Types are 911 competitors.

No F-TYPE is a 911 competitor.

289 9 November 2018


....its hard to think of a more irrelevant Motor Show, Internationally, than this one.

I am amazed in these times when Motor Shows are seen as wasteful money pits by OEM's, that they are still supporting it.

jason_recliner 20 November 2018

289 wrote:

289 wrote:

....its hard to think of a more irrelevant Motor Show, Internationally, than this one.

I am amazed in these times when Motor Shows are seen as wasteful money pits by OEM's, that they are still supporting it.

This show is possibly the most relevant this year to Australia, having the Mazda 3 and Gladiator launches.  Could be even more relevant, if Ford Australia would man up and give us the Edge ST.

mesumguy 27 November 2018

One of the largest single car markets irrelevant?

When it comes to buyers taking a look at New product. California has a massive customer base with the income to support making it one of the most important markets on the planet for car manufacturers. The draw from other close states and Mexico make hosting this show a no brainer.

FMS 28 November 2018

289 wrote:

289 wrote:

....its hard to think of a more irrelevant Motor Show, Internationally, than this one.

I am amazed in these times when Motor Shows are seen as wasteful money pits by OEM's, that they are still supporting it.


WOOOOOOOW...then it's a good thing for the rest of us who are car fans, that OEM'S continue to showcase to the world, what they have to offer. WOOOOOOOOW......

FRI2 29 November 2018

Irrelevant because you live

Irrelevant because you live in Botswana?

Cheltenhamshire 9 November 2018

Rival to the F150?

Sorry you crazy cats, but in what world will the Wrangler pickup be a rival for the 1.5 metre longer F 150 pickup?

It is a cool rival for the compact trucks like the new to the US Ford Ranger, the Chevvy Colorado and the ever lovely Toyota Tacoma (Hilux).

Rival to the F 150, you do make me chuckle!

soldi 28 November 2018

Tony Blackburn

Why has Pininfarina used Tony Blackburn to pose in front of a car?