The luxurious option for the driver who doesn't care about his fuel bills

What is it?

For some people, diesel will never hold enough appeal, whatever the price of fuel. They’re the target buyers of the punchy new 380bhp 5.0-litre V8 Jaguar XF, a car that will garner just a few hundred sales in the UK but thousands in the US, where V8s are still bread-and-butter engines in luxury saloons.

But you’ll have to have deep pockets in the UK to make this decision and ignore Jag’s excellent new V6 oil-burner. The Jaguar XF 5.0 returns a thirsty 25.4mpg, while the new twin-turbodiesel promises a much more credit crunch-friendly 42.0mpg.

There is a mild green twinge to the 5.0 V8, since it already complies with Euro5 tailpipe limits a year earlier than it needs to.

What’s it like?

Where the petrol motor in the Jaguar XF scores over the diesel is refinement and rev-happy power, which even the best oil-burners still can’t match.

As in the XK, the new XF 5.0 is a really excellent engine, mixing refinement and creamy performance, all played out against a burbling V8 backing track.

Overall, this translates into a character much more in the mould of a traditional Jaguar, with a compliant yet responsive chassis.

Significantly, the suspension is about 30 per cent less stiff than the XFR’s, so the 5.0 V8 is the better option for a driver who wants suppleness and strong performance, rather than out-and-out handling and thumping acceleration.

Portfolio spec includes all manner of cosseting kit, including luxuries such as a suede-effect headlining, contrast-stitched leather trim and power-everything ventilated seats. Plus there’s an attractive new optional ebony wood veneer trim and 19in wheels as standard.

Should I buy one?

Kitted out like this, and even with the fuel-hungry V8, it’s hard to think of a better way to cover miles, particularly since the XF’s styling has matured into the best in class.

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Greg1 11 March 2009

Re: Jaguar XF 5.0 V8 Portfolio

Mmmmmm, Jag V8 burbling away....please can we replace those irritating water fountain gimmicky things with this noise please so I can have a good night's sleep?

kerrecoe 11 March 2009

Re: Jaguar XF 5.0 V8 Portfolio

Well said Mr. Wheels.

There seems to be an assumption made by so many people on this forum that if something doesn't suit their requirements exactly- then it is utterly pointless. Huh?

I'm glad we're all different, personally. And I'm also glad that Jag wants to make cars like this. Jag isn't about motoring for the masses for crying out loud.

Orangewheels 11 March 2009

Re: Jaguar XF 5.0 V8 Portfolio

Peter Cavellini wrote:
lets stop making luxo barges we can't afford and help the masses into affordable transport!

Mmm... Just like Russia did?

The market itself will always decide what it wants - if there is demand for £40k cars, and there's still plenty despite the doom and gloom, then they will sell. There's plenty of affordable transport - Mr Tata is going to be offering his Nano at £4.5k for you, But would you want one?

What cars we need and what cars we want (and therefore buy) are two different things, or else we'd all be driving around in the same £5k Lada, and the lack of competition would mean it was dreadful. People like to be individual and different - you need a broad selection for different tastes / wallets. A wealthy 45 yr old may see the Focus RS as a vile hard riding chavy tasteless waste of money, and not what he wants at all, yet may think of the Jag as ideal and good value for the improved luxury.

Peter Cavellini wrote:
why so many models? there can't be as many 40K customers as sub 25K customers!

Of course there aren't. thats why there are a vast amount more cars for sale under £40k than over. You can waste the afternoon counting them if you'd like.